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Give Them the Water!

There is an old fable about a village that was so devoid of water the villagers were beginning to fear they would perish from thirst. One day, out of the blue, a woman entered the village. She was driving a horse which was pulling a cart, on the back of the cart a huge barrel. As it had been months since the villagers had glimpsed anyone from outside their village they flocked to her, blocking her path. Forced to pull up her horses, the woman gazed down at the villagers who surrounded her. Miserably, the villagers communicated their plight and begged her to tell them if she'd seen any water during her travels.

The woman was thrilled! Her barrel was filled with fresh, clean water ready for drinking. Announcing the fact, she arose from her seat and made her way onto the cart. She opened the lid of the barrel and collected a huge cup floating on the clear, crisp, cool water.

Then she froze.

Who was she to be giving them water? What if the water wasn't good enough? What if the villagers didn't like the water? What if it didn't quench their thirst - what would they think of her? What if they rejected the water? What if they grew angry at her for trying to help?

Meanwhile, the excited and grateful villagers had returned home to retrieve empty mugs from their own cupboards. Holding their cups aloft they wondered why she was hesitating when they so desperately needed her water. They so desperately needed her help.

Why wasn't this woman giving them the water they wanted and needed?

Does this story resonate with you? Are you holding back from helping others due to your own fears of being visible, not good enough, being labelled a fraud or impostor, compared to others or being rejected?

Are you robbing villagers of water by:

  • not starting that business

  • not founding that charity

  • not applying for that leadership role

  • hiding behind 'busy' work instead of putting yourself in front of people who want your help

  • confusing excuses as reasons

  • staying safe inside your familiar zone

  • not speaking up in meetings and forums, when your knowledge is as valuable as...water?

There are people need you. They need your knowledge, expertise, intelligence, empathy, insights and experience. It's time to stop hiding behind your own fears and give them the water!

On a personal note: Today the very first copy of my book arrived. As I held it in my hand, with Handsome Hubby and Bonus Daughter applauding with delight for me, I felt like the woman reaching for the barrel of water. As the fear threatened to fill my body I reminded myself - this book won't be for everyone. I am not the coach for everyone. But if just one person creates something more extraordinary in them and their life, as a result of my book, it is worth every fearful thought and feeling. I am opening the barrel!

If you would like to learn how to move through your fears and distribute your 'water', with me as your coach, I have some opportunities to do so in 2021. It all begins with just one conversation.

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