• Janelle Ryan

What Do Thoughts and Teabags Have in Common?

Did you know your thoughts have as much power as a teabag without water? Seems crazy right, when it's 'obvious' that our thoughts are the basis of everything we do? Not true. You give your thoughts power when you CHOOSE to give them energy and consciousness ie. the ‘water’. Whether it’s inspired or unhelpful, a thought without energy and consciousness is just that – a thought. A snippet of information, a message, an idea, a vision or a put-down that you CHOOSE to give water to, or move along. There is a misconception that our thoughts drive our actions when it's our belief system that drives our actions. Our beliefs sit dormant in us until they are trigger by an external event, leading to a thought. IF you choose to give that thought energy and consciousness it will create an emotion and it’s the emotion that drives us to take action. As human beings, we spend most of our time moving towards something that makes us feel ‘good’, away from something that makes us feel ‘bad’ (uncomfortable), or we will stay IN something that feels familiar (regardless of how it makes us feel). The moment I learned this was the moment yet another veil was lifted from my eyes. And I LOVE those moments – the moments when the world expands and everything looks different. I understand that I CHOOSE the thoughts I give water to and those I don’t. I understand my thoughts come from my belief system. If a thought is unhelpful I have the power to remove it - by focusing on the source - my belief system. But that's not always easy. And sometimes when I'm right in the middle of it, it's so challenging I feel like giving up. But I never do – I ask for help instead (#lovemycoaches). Removing an unhelpful belief takes work and time and energy. And yes, I usually need help. But the joy of breaking through is euphoric. What thoughts are you ‘watering’, maybe on a daily basis?

  • “I’m not qualified or experienced enough to step into a leadership role.”

  • “I can’t start the business that has been a secret dream for so many years.”

  • “What if I begin the creative pursuit I dream about, and I fail?”

  • “I’m too old to try something new (even though it’s been tap, tap, tapping away at me for years).”

  • “No-one will want to love me.”

  • “I’m not smart enough.”

  • “I would, if only I had more confidence”

  • “I don’t know how.”

  • “I don’t know where to start… I won’t”.

  • “It feels so uncomfortable facing this that I’ll make an excuse of why I can’t. I’ll lie to them and also myself.”

  • "I'm a terrible leader/parent/partner/friend."

Maybe you have your own you can insert here? If we keep watering, nurturing and feeding these thoughts they will grow and flourish and take over our back fence. Continue to do nothing they will eventually become so strong they will tear the fence down…….or I may be thinking about the ivy I need to do something about in my yard (#offontangent). But regardless of whether it's a thought or the ivy in my backyard, the principle is still the same. Anything we give time, energy and attention to……anything we FEED……will become bigger and stronger. Keep giving unhelpful thoughts consciousness and energy, and they will continue to SABOTAGE your dreams and desires. You feel stuck. You feel indecisive. You repeat patterns – “why does this keep happening to me?” You make choices that don’t feel good in your body, that don’t light up your soul, that don’t nurture and honour your relationships………you know, choosing the things you ‘should’ do rather than the things you want to do (#secretdreams). You live a reactive life (allowing external events to knock you off course) rather than a consciously creative life. You feel unhealthy, uninspired and lacking in energy- it feels like there is not enough time in the day. You can try and wish these sabotaging thoughts away BUT until you do the work, they ain’t going anywhere. Take it from someone who’s been there! We create our worlds from the inside out.

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