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How to Unlock New Opportunities in Any Area of Your Life

What opportunity or possibility are you yet to see? Is there something waiting patiently in the wings that, if you'd only notice it, would unlock the next potential for you or your life?

Quantum theory is the theory of possibility and potentiality. It tells us that whatever we choose to focus on will appear. If you are not 100% happy with what is appearing in any area of your life, all you need to do is switch your focus and something new will emerge.

Sounds easy, but is it really? How do you switch your focus? By removing the barriers or the 'rules' you've been taught to believe, and follow, throughout your life.

We have all been implanted with unconscious blocks since birth - by people such as family and teachers; community leaders and government via the media; people who want to sell us things through advertising; and events and situations we experienced ourselves (and gave meaning to). Left unchecked, these blocks create blinkers that narrow our vision of the world and keep us marching along a fixed path, one that is often predictable. Predictable because we experience the same thoughts, feel the same emotions and take identical actions to the ones we took yesterday.

Some would even say, that many people spend each day reliving their past.

Imagine if you removed just one of these blocks. One block around abundance, love, health, career, family, business or creativity. Just one. What would you see that you could not before? Impossible question to answer, right? You don't know until you lift the veil.

Would you like to play? Grab something to write on and with, find a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Bring forth a part of your life you are feeling held back in right now. Ask yourself, what do I believe about this?

For an example, let's use financial prosperity. What do you believe about rich people? Are they unkind? Arrogant? Boastful? Unlikeable? Not to be trusted? Do you believe money is the root of all evil? If you have these beliefs you are blocking money coming to you, because you most likely fear if you have it you won't be liked. And everyone wants to be liked, right? These blocks must be removed for you to experience money flowing to you easily and effortlessly.

You can ask yourself similar question for any area of your life you wish to elevate in.

Have a play and see what comes up for you. The results may surprise you.

If you would like to remove your psychological blocks so you can switch your focus to new possibilities and potentialities, with me as your coach, we will be doing exactly this in the 2022 group coaching program, The Salon. Individual coaching in a group setting, over six months (or more).

CLICK HERE for all the info or CONTACT ME HERE to register your interest. We will then jump on a call and decide, together, if this is the right event for you.

Over $1500 of bonuses available until the end of this month.

It all starts with one conversation. I hope to speak with you soon.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.


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