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T'is The Season - to be Overwhelmed

There has been a common thread running through some conversations I've been immersed in this December. The theme being overwhelm. This time of year can stir up a mix of emotions, responsibilities, and commitments, leaving us all feeling a bit stretched thin. I was just saying to a friend the other day, I'm literally only looking foward 24 hours at a time right now. If I'm (and my clients and friends) are feeling overwhelmed, I thought you may be too. If so, here are some tips to navigate this joyful yet sometimes chaotic period! Try them out and see which ones work for you.

1. Work Overwhelm: The year-end rush at work can feel like a never-ending marathon. One strategy to try is breaking down tasks into bite-sized chunks and setting realistic deadlines. It's also okay to ask for assistance or delegate where possible. Remember to take brief breaks to recharge – a short walk or even just a few minutes of deep breathing can work wonders. 2. Christmas Events & Family Overwhelm: Attending numerous events and balancing family gatherings can be a real juggle. Prioritising events that align with our values and bring genuine joy has been my go-to. It's alright to say no (people do understand at this time of the year) or attend for a shorter time to manage your energy better. And when it comes to family, setting clear expectations and asking for support can make a world of difference. 3. Self-Care & Balance: Amidst the whirlwind, carving out moments for self-care has been my saving grace. Whether it's walking and Pilates, indulging in some Christmas movies, meditation or simply taking a breather, prioritising time for myself has been crucial to staying grounded.

4. Release All Expectations: It's okay not to have everything perfectly sorted. Children are going to have meltdowns, you're going to forget something, family dynamics will not magically change, the shops will be busy, flights will be delayed. Forfeit control and go with the flow - maybe even laugh a little when something goes awry. 5. Gratitude & Mindset Shift: Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy and forget the true essence of the holidays – gratitude and love. Focusing on creating meaningful moments with loved ones instead of striving for perfection helps shift perspective. Let's be kind to ourselves during this season, and remember, our well-being matters most. If overwhelm persists, seeking support from friends, family, or professionals is absolutely okay.

We're in this together, navigating the festive whirlwind hand in hand!

Janelle Ryan is a globally recognised Personal Coach, celebrated for her unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve extraordinary results. She is the founder of Sky High Coaching, an author, international retreat leader, workshop facilitator, and an engaging, inspirational speaker.

Janelle specialises in empowering ambitious professionals to broaden their horizons, manifest their personal and professional aspirations, and effectively lead and inspire others. Her extensive client portfolio includes executive and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives.

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