6 Benefits of Asking For Help

January 12, 2017


Welcome to 2017!

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break and feel ready to take on the new year. 

Actually, maybe stop and think about that for a second.  DO you feel ready to take on the new year?

The reason I'm asking is because I noticed a common theme among my clients and friends last December - they were all exhausted.  Many of them told me they were feeling burnt out, depleted of energy and some of them were actually ill.  They were ready to hit the beach, the snow or just their BED (yes, someone actually told me that) and relax for a couple of weeks.  

What if you started 2017 differently?  


What if you lightened your load a little and.......heaven forbid......asked for help?


Yep, that's what I said. ASK. FOR. HELP.  At home.  In your business.  At work.  

I know I only have your attention for a short time so let's not get weighed down in why people don't ask for help (image, control, perfectionism or don't want to bother others are just a few).  I'd rather talk about the six benefits of asking for help because they are valuable to know.  


1. Relationship Building/Networking Opportunities 


Human beings are social beings.  We love feeling connected with others and often feel discomfort when experiencing feelings of isolation.  Collaboration with another strengthens our relatedness with others.
When we ask someone to help us in a professional environment, they bring with them their networks, contacts and connections; providing potential opportunities for your business or career.
Or a really great hairdresser or babysitter!


2. Better Health

Accepting help from another or “sharing the load” provides a sense of relief and an increase in energy.  Negative thoughts and stress levels decrease.



3. Increase in Productivity

If you choose to accept assistance from someone with the right skills, you will become more efficient, creative and successful in your tasks. This person may help you become unstuck, remove obstacles and motivate you to progress faster towards your goals.



4. Opportunity to Learn & Develop

There is no one in the world like you.  You are unique, just like the person you choose to accept help from.  This person will bring their own experience, knowledge, skills and resources.  They may teach you something new, provide you with information or offer an idea you’d not thought of.



5. Develops Your Growth Mindset

Admitting you need help, and asking for it, teaches you and those around you that asking for help is allowed, beneficial and normal.  This develops your growth mindset which sparks curiosity, creativity, open mindedness and a desire to learn more and achieve more. 


6. Gratefulness

Think of the last time you asked for help and it came.  Did you feel grateful? 
Research shows that people who regularly practise gratitude  

  • experience less physical aches and pains

  • exercise more often

  • enjoy a reduction in emotions such as envy, resentment, frustration and regret

  • experience more happiness and less anxiety

  • sleep better

  • have high esteem

  • are more resilient and have better mental strength

Six valuable reasons to not go it alone this year.  Are you up to the challenge?




Hi and thanks for reading.  My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach whose main passion is helping high achievers (like you) get out of their own way, align their actions with their goals and create the life they desire and absolutely deserve.  


If you would like some practical help creating your 2017 vision and goals, I invite you to download my free gift, Cloudy to Clear. 


Cloudy to Clear is a 5 step action plan that will give you:


A clear understanding of which areas of your life need attention right now. 


Laser beam focus of where positive changes need to be made. 


A map that shows you where to start.


A feeling of empowerment and control.


The chance to fall in love with your life again.









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