Hayley Carr

Life Coach and International Woman of Mystery

I've had the absolute honour of walking beside this powerhouse Janelle while she has taken on both stretching challenges, and great successes - she lets nothing fly by the window of her own self-inquiry. She brings vivaciousness, curiosity, laughter, playfulness, artfulness and insight to every conversation. A willingness to see, feel and breathe new life and beauty into every minute. She's a lifelong learner. She's not just a coach- she's an artist. This is what makes her such a powerful leader, and someone to watch and listen to, always.

Stephanie Abouatallah

Founder, & Senior Account Executive, Google

"Janelle Ryan has had such a deep impact on my life. Her ability to get to the root of the problem and share the tools one needs to move forward is remarkable. Without her coaching approach I wouldn't be where I am today.  There is no way I would have started my company and rode to such success at my job without Janelle's practical and supportive approach to personal development.  If you are looking for a practical tips that will support your growth and learning, Janelle Ryan's got them!" 



"One of the first things Janelle and I did when we began our work together 12 months ago was to paint my vision of the future.  Last night, on our final call, Janelle read my vision back to me.  I was shocked at what I was hearing.  90% of everything I imagined has materialised, with plans in place for the final 10%.  Not only material things, such as the home I am now living in, but how I wanted to feel within myself, my fitness and how I wanted my relationships to be.  Since working with Janelle I have become calmer, stronger and more resilient.  My emotional intelligence has grown and external situations and people no longer have the ability to raise unwanted emotions in me.  I am laughing more with my kids, travelling more by myself and with my family AND am pursuing a dream that was locked within me for a long time.  The freedom I feel is exhilarating.  I am excited to see what the unfolds for me in my future.  Thanks Janelle.  See you next year!"  

Madeline Knight

"Wow what an amazing time I have had, during this experience of 1:1 life coaching with Janelle. It has allowed me to identify my values and start living my life by them. At times going through this process of discovering my belief system and values wasn’t always fun & roses. Allowing myself the time to ask some difficult questions and sit with the discomfort and not shy away from the answers. I realised I wasn’t living up to my true potential, that is why I was so unhappy. It wasn’t everyone else, it was me.

Janelle’s guidance, support and honest feedback has allowed me to embrace my sensitivity, protect my energy and live in a way that truly brings me joy. I feel clear on what I need and want in my life. Since I have become clear, all aspects of my life have benefited. If only I knew taking this time to invest and work on myself would have been so good for not just me but everyone and everything else in my life.

My mindset has totally changed, there are no more “Shoulds” in my world. I now only do things that I want, not what I think is expected of me. I don’t stress or put unnecessary pressure on myself now and my professional and personal life satisfaction have reached a level I didn’t even know existed. It has really helped me strengthen relationships with my family and friends and enjoy a real connection to my world and the life I’m living."

Sarah Antwerpes

I can recommend working with Janelle because she is a very high level coach. That’s why I enjoyed having her support so much. For me being a high level coach as well, it was hard to find somebody who is able to work on this level with me. Janelle did it not only share so much wisdom and dedication, she implemented so much joy. Her smile says it all, right? While being very straight forward, which I love, her loving encouraging, empowering attitude helped me to bring my life to a whole new level of satisfaction. 

She also surprised me with bringing something up in me I totally was not aware of: How much I love setting goals. She set challenges for me which were fun and I was absolutely able to keep up doing them. Again the reason was, because we found something together which was joyful for me to do. Isn’t it wonderful to be surprised in a coaching and have deep insights? Which leads me to the third wonderful experience which stood out among many. 

I reached a whole new level of authenticity. I go even more for what I want. I acknowledge my skills. I am not afraid anymore of saying I am one of the best coaches in Europe. I can see much more clearly how much I help people in such a sustainable way to become a coach or to bring their life to a whole new level. So our work together is the reason why I can appreciate myself even more and share this openly in public, without thinking 'hey I am too much, I shouldn’t share my success and genius, be more reserved“. Haha I am so not reserved. Janelle gave me literally hundreds of questions during the 6 months we worked together, which were all helpful. 

So if you are looking for someone who is present with your feelings,  your goals and who truly loves coaching people explore working with Janelle. She will bring you to a whole new level of awareness of your beautiful gifts and is always keen on asking the right question which can change your life. Besides you will be in the beautiful blue sky air of her joyful charisma which you can’t resist. 



Since working with Janelle my sense of my own value has grown and I am consciously using my voice more, particularly in my professional life.  Whilst I did enjoy Janelle, and appreciate the process and what it uncovered, I cannot say it was enjoyable.  Her gift is definitely digging deeper! I found working with Janelle of value and look forward to working with her again in the future. Definitely recommended.

Katie Beattie


I have recently completed a coaching program with Janelle and this hands down has been the best thing I could have done for myself this year. I now focus making each day matter, dedicating time to myself and discovering new things that will propel me to be my best version of myself. My ability to move through self doubt and an increase in confidence has led to me making a positive career change I was too afraid to in the past.  If you know what you want in life and have a personal/professional goal to achieve, I can not recommend Janelle highly enough, she WILL get you there and much quicker if you were to try and do it yourself!

Mike D'Rose

I highly recommend Janelle Ryan to anyone who wishes to take a quantum leap in their life!  I have just completed my coaching with Janelle and I couldn't be happier.  In mere months my self belief has grown exponentially which has been instrumental in turning my hobby into a professional Financial Training and Coaching business.  I have gone from zero clients to multiple clients and from zero revenue to cash flow.  I have overwhelming motivation and drive to step into my vision within the next year and I know that nothing is going to stop me.  Thanks so much Janelle, I couldn't have achieved these results, within this time frame, without you!"

Tamzin McLennan

Local Government Communications

I love working with people who who push, inspire and challenge me and I certainly found that with Janelle.  My self doubt has diminished and my confidence has soared, both professionally and personally.  I have achieved one professional goal whilst during our time together and am excited to pursue the next one.  I have received the tools I was seeking to step into my vision.  The most impactful result is that I now consciously and boldly seek and step into new opportunities without fear, safe in the knowledge that I will always be okay.  I highly recommend Janelle and have already done so.

Felicity Frost


The recent work I have done with Janelle has had a significant impact on my life.  The work we did together increased my confidence and made a huge difference to my self belief.  My perspective on life, and the way I look at it, has completely changed.  I no longer search for opinions and approval from others because I know I am capable to make my own decisions and do what's best for me.  I have achieved real results - within 10 months I have sold my house (something I had procrastinated on for a long time), obtained a dream role in a new organisation and industry, have a healthier relationship with food AND purchased my dream home.  I am excited about the future.  Thanks Janelle for helping me set and reach my goals!  Highly recommended.



Working with Janelle was a fantastic experience. The change she helped me achieve was extraordinary. I am now confidently working in a field I love which I did not think it would be possible, given my age.  Janelle was so good to talk to and I left feeling anything was possible. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting to chase their dreams and realise their potential.

Amy Johnson

Make-Up By Amy Loray, Melbourne

I thoroughly recommend Janelle and Sky High Coaching to anyone who is ready to change their life but doesn’t know how.  Since working with Janelle I know I am capable of doing what I want in my life and my confidence has soared. Janelle has helped me look at situations in a different way and change my mindset when embarking on new experiences. In the past I avoided situations that were new or different due to fear, but I now feel empowered to embrace them.  Janelle is very caring, a good listener and makes you feel safe even when talking about hard and personal topics. She genuinely cares about you. Her positive reinforcement made me believe in myself and the knowledge I was achieving a better life.  As a direct result of working with Janelle, I left an unfulfilling job that was damaging my health and I started in a new role that I really enjoy. Most exciting of all, I am creating a business that has been a dream of mine for a long time. 


I feel excited about my future.  Thanks again Janelle.

Rodney L


Thank you Janelle, for your help and support over the past few months.  Public speaking was something I knew I had to master to move forward towards my career aspirations but it was also something I used to avoid!  Since working with Janelle I have gone from almost no public speaking to giving at least one presentation to small and large groups every week.   I can move forward in my career with the knowledge that I have valuable content to share and the confidence that I can present it in a clear and engaging way.  Working with Janelle gave me the opportunity to share/vent my concerns/worries with and then being given a different perspective to tackle my problems from.  She is warm and friendly and a great listener.   Janelle was also very thorough when detailing our meetings and establishing a plan of action. I would definitely recommend Janelle. I have found my time with her to be very valuable and has set me in the right direction to achieving my goals. I will be booking more sessions with her in the future!

J. Lang

Human Resources Manager / Career Management Consultant: Assisting others to balance both professionally & personally

Since working with Janelle  I am respecting my time more and have let go of the belief that I have to work long hours and sacrifice my personal time to prove myself.  I have made progress towards reclaiming my “heart and soul” and letting go of my beliefs around “duty” to others.


I have a new lease on life,  am in control of my destiny, on my way to financial stability and have a goal on board that I couldn’t have imagined 6 months ago!


Janelle gave me the opportunity to talk things out and the ability to see things from a  different perspective and empowered me to re-evaluate where I’m at and why I do what I doHer passion comes though every time I speak with her and I always leave the sessions feeling better about myself.  She is compassionate, but tough, asks the hard questions and doesn’t let go until I find the answers. 


Thanks, Janelle!  I definitely recommend Janelle and Sky High Coaching!

SL Collidge


I think coaching is for everyone, we all have things about ourselves that we would like to change or become better at or explore further. Coaching with someone like Janelle allows you to do that. To break down barriers and really get to the bottom of what is holding you back in any area of your life. I think to have coaching is like investing into yourself, if you don’t no one else will.


I just love meeting with Janelle, I liken it to meeting up with an old friend. She is both warm and nurturing but fair and honest when needed. That’s what I love about Janelle there is a great balance and I think that’s why her coaching is so effective


Since I started working with Janelle I have gained a much stronger sense of confidence and inner strength, become a better leader and thinker and feel calmer in my day to day life with the tools and knowledge that Janelle has shared with me.  I have clearer goals and plans for the future and am well on my way to achieving them


I really would recommend working with Janelle to anyone who is looking to push the boundaries, get out of their comfort zone and unlock their true potential.

Emma Castles

Client Relationships Manager

I enjoyed everything about the coaching experience with Janelle! But mostly I have enjoyed seeing real, tangible results at the end of this journey. Having goals and action items to work towards each fortnight makes the sessions all the more beneficial as it allows you to focus on small tasks which end up making a huge difference to your life. I have a new, challenging job which I absolutely love! I have moved state, bought a house and feel much happier, settled and connected with my partner. Thanks to working with Janelle, my confidence has grown and I have changed my thought patterns around a vast array of topics in my day to day life.  Janelle has a supportive and caring nature and is a fantastic listener.  She provided actionable tasks to move me towards my goals, which I’ve achieved.

I absolutely recommend Janelle and Sky High Coaching to everyone. 


Plumber and Property Investor

I had always been interested in coaching and after winning a session with Sky High Coaching at an auction I was looking forward to the experience.  After one session I could see the value and immediately signed up for more.


Janelle brings a very positive and bubbly personality to the coaching sessions, while still making you accountable for your actions.  I also enjoyed her stories from her own life experience and it made me realise others experience the same challenges and struggles.  I definitely feel more confident in myself and have already started realising my goals.


I would recommend Sky High Coaching to anyone who wants to achieve more out life or just wants a positive outlook for their future.



I have always believed in the power of coaching to help a person achieve much more than they would on their own.  Janelle has been an excellent coach in so many ways.  I felt she really cared, but challenged me at every stage in a kind, non-preachy way.  I actually did most of the actions we set, which was an awesome feeling for me!


I was able to grow my business significantly, finalise a website, as well as increase my client base, the number of people working in my business and my income! She taught me so much about online courses and marketing. My confidence and well being improved so much as a result of the positive changes in my life. 


I would recommend Janelle wholeheartedly to anyone wanting to take on their business or any aspect of their lives.  

Melissa D


By the time I was about half way through my first session with Janelle. I was already being challenged, but in a good way. I was coming up with some great insights leading into some clear direction. It was through working with Janelle that I could stand outside myself and be truly objective and clear.


The epiphany was almost shocking, in that I began to see what blocks I and excuses I was making to myself! After the session I felt confident and went into my weekend owning the world. My results were almost instantaneous.


I highly recommend Janelle as a coach and as a considered and experienced guide. Sometimes we just have to sit outside ourselves in the company and direction of the right person! 

A. Turnbull

Marketing Manager

I found working with Janelle extremely valuable. I was really impressed with how she was able to link my values to the various aspects of my life, clearly pinpoint gaps and help with strategies to balance the ledger (and the life happiness factor!).


Her warmth, professionalism and non-judgmental approach put me at ease straight away. The way in which she phrased her questions really made me think and gave me a few light-bulb moments! This session also helped me gain clarity around a difficult decision I needed to make.


I left feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered to move forward and put in place some positive strategies. Absolutely anyone and everyone would gain positive benefits from working with Janelle. Thank you so much!



Thank you Janelle for the coaching sessions that I found to be extremely thorough. From the very beginning you ask the forms to be filled out to help you gauge what values we have and what matters to us.  You reflect on these throughout the time together to ensure the sessions are on track. 


Your helpful, warm and honest nature instantly put me at ease and you go the extra mile all the time with your encouraging email meme’s (I really enjoyed them) and sending extra information and resources. 


During our work together I have set a healthy routine and maintained it, embarked on some higher education suited to my interests and now understand how to assess my purpose and use that information to shape my future.  I now feel confident that I can decide my future!  I have already recommended Janelle to others and will continue to do so.  


Highly recommended. Thanks again Janelle.

Lina Staropoli

WBBL/BBL Account Manager, Cricket Australia

Janelle's coaching and unwavering commitment to assist me in achieving my goals has been at the root of my professional and personal success. Frank yet compassionate, Janelle's contribution to my career development had seen me excel in Sports Marketing both domestically and internationally. 


Similar to refining the swing of a golfer or the stroke of a swimmer, Janelle's coaching is that second pair of eyes and fresh perspective that makes the difference.

J Grant


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sky High Coaching. I did not know what to expect and right from the start I felt comfortable with Janelle. She challenged me where I needed to be challenged and encouraged me in the areas I needed encouraging.


I didn’t think we would cover some of the big things in my life I wanted to change as they were too ‘big’, but Janelle broke them all down into little tasks to tackle and made me see they weren’t as overwhelming or as unrealistic as I had thought.  


I feel better about the future after my time with Sky High Coaching.

Sue L.

Retention Manager, BMW Finance

I liked Janelle's style of constantly questioning my thought processes and drawing out and creating opportunities for improvement.  She was very positive and constructive and also ensured short term goals were set (and followed up on) so I could move closer to achievement of the larger goals

I also liked the small amount of pre-work required and the discussion that followed as it set the tone and focus for the following sessions. 

I have already recommended Janelle to friends who want to create a positive change in their life.


Blue Mountains

As a stay at home Momma of two very young kids, I felt like I had lost sight of myself and my own life motivation. 


Janelle gave me the priceless gift of listening and guiding me back into feeling like I had returned to the driving seat of my own mind and body.  She taught me the tools I needed to draw on during times of weakness as well as encouragement for my successes.  The time with Janelle was comfortable, enlightening and empowering


I would highly recommend Janelle at Sky High Coaching for anyone and everyone who is ready and willing to better themselves and take control of their lives.

Peter Dawidowski

PD, Highbury, Firefighter – MFS

I walked away from my coaching with a smile on my face and a sense of achievement. I enjoyed getting an outsider’s perspective, a great open discussion and the follow up reading.  


Janelle is an inspirational person and a fantastic coach with life experience and a natural in working with people. Genuine, passionate and equipped with tools to help you achieve your goals in life.  Working with her was like working with a PT at the gym – you achieve more with a framework and someone driving you to achieve your best


I now have a better mix of work, hobbies, health and fitness, but best of all I am now embarking on a new career I thought was too late to pursue


I definitely recommend Sky High Coaching to everyone!

Gill E


My experience of working with Janelle was nothing short of comfortable, relaxing, informative and worthwhile. Her enthusiasm alone is contagious.  Being in a different state during our discussion was no issue – an easy connection via Skype meant distance was irrelevant.  


I had no significant “decisions” or “issues” to be resolved in my life but it was good to sit back for a short while and analyse ME and my life right now - all that is good and anything that could be better.


Janelle helped me establish what some of my true personal values are – those of which have probably got a little lost in the mania of life as a full time working mum. She identified very quickly that I was open to growth and I just needed some encouragement, direction, clarity & accountability to tap in to those wants.


She has given me the motivation to pursue some of that personal gratification without feeling guilty or affecting all the other values I hold as important – mainly that being the people around me. The goals we have set are achievable and exciting.


Highly recommend.

Scott S


My aim when contacting Sky High Coaching was to identify if a career path was suitable for me. Janelle was able to guide me through career decisions and see through barriers, determine strengths and identify improvements. What become apparent as the sessions proceeded was the distinct links between career and life goals and how of these needed to be balanced.


The sessions are unrushed and are undertaken in a congenial and relaxed environment allowing open conversations.


I can honestly recommend her for any career and life coaching sessions.



Janelle made a difference to my life. That's a big thing. Not that many people we come across actually do that. But she did. With empathy; professionalism; empowerment; warmth; humour; and great skills.


Within days of having my first coaching session with Janelle, I had completed all of my agreed actions ahead of the timeframe which meant I had made big shifts in my personal and social life.


Working with Janelle enabled me to step back and reflect on what I actually wanted to change and identify how I would go about doing that. Janelle's approach was relaxed but caring, and very professional and enabled me to start to achieve what I'd forgotten was even possible.


I highly recommend Janelle to anyone committed to making a change.

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