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As my 'title' states on the home page of this website, I am  an award winning passionate and dedicated global Personal Coach, founder of Sky High Coaching, published author, international retreat leader and engaging and inspirational speaker.  I was named one of Australia's Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017 (bringing forth a burst of Impostor Syndrome!).

But, like you, I am so much more than a professional title.  I am a woman navigating her early 50's, a step mum (there's a tough gig!), a frustrated ex-netballer, a newbie tennis player, a bit of a gym junkie, a wine + food lover (the gym is supposed to combat this), a mum to a 1-year old border collie and a worldwide traveller (mostly solo) over many years and life-long learner.  I regularly place myself in situations some would say I don't belong (there you are again, Impostor Syndrome!) and often fear - but I step in anyway. I am a master of creation in my life (but it took me a while to realise this).  My happiest place is the beach and on a plane.  My unhappiest is a toss up between the petrol station, the dentist and doing a class called Active Tone at the gym. 

Very rarely does a client ask me about my qualifications, but if you want them, I have a degree in Commerce (majoring in Sport Management), qualifications in coaching and am trained in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). I have invested six figures and devoted an endless amount of time, across decades, to my own personal development AND the craft of Coaching. I have studied various modalities (coaching mastery, life visioning, coaching for managers, energy work, quantum physics to name a few) with some of the best teachers, coaches and mentors in the world.  


But the best way to master something is to DO IT, right?  I have over 1,000 hours of coaching under my belt, but if you include the coaching I did in my career (before I started my business) it would be at least triple that.



If my official bio was here it would state I help high performers create extraordinary lives;  and my clients include executive leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and Olympians (and their coaches). Corporate clients hail from the finance, recruitment, tourism, energy, real estate, technology, retail, hospitality, education, government and sport industries. In the past I held senior leadership roles which required me to coach teams and individuals (and if this is something you do, you understand how challenging that can be). 

I've been told, by clients, my level of genius is my ability to use my intuition and skills in assessing what isn’t being said and tapping into what is being communicated. I have a gift of seeing behind the façade and bringing forth my clients true innermost skills, strengths and desires – even those they are not necessarily aware of themselves.  How cool is that?  Such a privilege!  

Perpetually curious, I have spent decades diving into why I think, feel and behave the way I do.  Am I truly the powerful creator of my own world, or is my fate at the whim of other people and external circumstances and events? Like most people, I moved through life assuming life would happen to me and I'd navigate through it the best of my ability.  I thought my role, when it came to the creation of my life was to have some goals and take the conventional step-by-step approach to reach them.  If something tripped me up, or went awry, along the way I blamed life, others or myself.  I thought I'd be happy when I reached the next goal, then the next.  My happiness was linked to external factors which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is not soul-fulfilling, inner happiness.  

Twenty years ago something happened. I stopped dabbling in this ‘self-help area’ that I’d always loved and started studying mind-mastery. Mastery of the dynamic duo of our two levels of mind – conscious and subconscious.

Here's the truth:  Your hidden, unconscious beliefs create your thoughts - your thoughts evoke emotion and your emotions drive your actions.  Your actions have created the life you are living right now.  

If you are ready to dive into your beliefs and create some deep and life long transformational change, I cannot wait to serve you powerfully.


Let's get started. 


Janelle Ryan
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (30967QLD), Life Coaching Institute of Australia

Bachelor of Commerce  (Distinction)                               

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104)

Graduate of Rich Litvin Master Coach International Salon


Named by My Entrepreneur Magazine as one of Australia’s top ten women entrepreneurs (2017)

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