Janelle’s passionate and enthusiastic nature, along with her unwavering belief in her clients, makes her a natural in working with successful high performers ready and committed to take their life, career or business to the next level.

Her corporate experience includes roles in the finance, recruitment, tourism, sport, non-for-profit and charities.


She has held senior leadership roles which required her to coach teams and individuals.



Janelle delivers presentations and workshops for organisations, live events and retreats; along with group and private 1:1 coaching on the following:



Development of personal skills such as;


  • Decreasing self doubt

  • Smashing Through Self Sabotage

  • Being a visionary in your own life

  • Bringing your vision to life

  • Cultivating more confidence in own ability

  • Time management / managing workloads

  • Work/life balance to support own welling and emotional health

  • Managing transition into new roles

  • Managing transition between work and life ‘spaces’

  • Energy and stress levels



Development of leadership skills such as;


  • Effective and respectful staff feedback / authentic conversations

  • Confidence to speak up in group meetings and one-on-ones

  • Bringing forth ideas and innovative thoughts – and expressing them

  • Navigating the transition from colleague to leader

  • Team and individual coaching skills

  • Diversity and gender equality

  • Being visible and confident in own decisions

  • Coping with  'success traps' high performers experience such as loneliness, fraud complex, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, lack of balance.