1. Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular or established.

2. exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree etc. 




Becoming Extraordinary is an 8 week experience designed to remind you how extraordinary you are.  


  Spend 8 weeks with me, and elevate yourself into your highest potential - into your extraordinariness.  Step into a life filled with extraordinary freedom, peace, calm, empowerment and abundance.


Do you wish for a more peaceful life, one of ease?


Do you crave more freedom - to break away from restrictions and limitations?

Are you tired of feeling as though others are luckier or more special than you?

Would you love to feel less anxiety, self-doubt and fear?

Do you regularly react to situations in a way you regret later?

Are people able to 'push your buttons'?  Know exactly how to get a rise out of you - and you fall for it every time?

Would you love to banish Impostor Syndrome and Fraud Complex back to where they came from?  

Do you find it frustrating that no matter how much effort you put in there's never enough money in your bank account - you wish you could spoil your family more and feel more financially secure?  

Do you have a passion project or business idea tapping away at you, but it's 'safer' to stay in your job? 

Do things feel so difficult and out-of-control that sometimes it's hard to breathe?

Would you like to stop second-guessing choices you've made?

Worry less?

Would you value being able to stand up for yourself, without feeling 'bad' about it? 

Do you ever question your worth?  Feel as though you are not enough?   

Are you frustrated some dreams are too slow to appear?  Building your business, elevating your career, finding love, creating better health?  Why is it bloody taking so long?  

Do you often feel tired and drained of energy?   

Are you afraid to take a risk, not trusting that you are equipped to handle any adversity or perceived failure?

Do you do anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable?  Avoiding conversations, events and situations where you may feel awkward?  Or do you squash your emotions with excessive alcohol, drugs, shopping, food or other crutch?

Do you like to control yourself, other people, and situations around you?  

Does not knowing the outcome of something create anxiety within you?

Do you feel confused about your purpose on this planet?  Unsure why you're here?

Do you have trouble sleeping due to stress, worry OR the opposite - HUGE IDEAS that cry for attention?

Do you crave and seek external validation?

Do you seek out External Happiness Indicators? 

Do you ever hear yourself think or say, "I'll be happy when..."?



My name is Janelle Ryan and I am thrilled you are considering joining me on an adventure of expansion, creation and extraordinariness.  

If I was answering the questions above a few years ago, I would have said YES to every single one.  I'm most certainly not perfect, I am still (like all of us) a work in progress, but I am light years away from how I used to be some moons ago.  Stressed, unhappy, tired, unfit, overweight, easily upset, very easy to offend, filled with doubt and extremely sad - so sad I used to cry myself to sleep regularly.  I thought I was a genius at hiding my insecurities, jealousies, fear and self-doubt, but now understand they were showing themselves via my behaviour.  

I entered unhealthy relationships and allowed others to treat me badly - when I'd finally had a enough I would fly off the handle or shut down, rather than instigate an assertive conversation and explain how I felt.  I feared the other person would reject me, or think I was crazy - worse than that, what if they told others? 


I knew this wasn't the way life was supposed to be - it wasn't the way  I was supposed to be - but no matter how many (often excellent) self-help books I read or (in tune) psychics or (very compassionate) counsellors I visited; I just couldn't find a way to turn things around.  I'd be happier for a while, then revert back to old patterns.    

In 2001 I took one of the best steps I ever have - I enrolled with my very first Coach, who I still lovingly refer to as The Beautiful Kate.  Working with Kate opened my eyes to how we, us human-evolving's, actually work.  It was like a veil had been pulled back and my eyes opened to the complexities of my mind.  I was fascinated, intrigued, curious and impressed by my own transformation.  I wanted others to feel this magic too and by 2015 I was working as a full time coach. 

Whilst mind-mastery was a huge piece of my personal revamp, since then I have also dived into quantum physics, spirituality and energy work.  And I travelled the globe to do so - learning from some of the most influential teachers in these areas today.  Not only did I learn - I implemented!  I took action.  I achieved deeper results.


In 2019 I was invited (along with hundreds of thousands of others) to participate in world-wide research project on global and individual happiness.  I readily agreed and completed the requirements.  When the results hit my inbox I opened the email in anticipation - I knew I felt better, that my life was better - but was curious to see what the 'experts' would say - SUCCESS - I had been found to be in the top 6% of happiness people on the planet - they call it Extraordinary Happiness.   

AND, here's the thing - I do not have any of the 'things' marketers, social media and advertisers tell us we need to be happy.  I don't have a million $$ in my bank account, multiple properties, an island, a private jet, rock hard abs or a beach house.  I was not even able to have my own biological children (that was a toughie to make peace with, but I have).

I do have peace, courage, inspiration, love, passion, commitment, freedom, energy.  A wonderful marriage, a thriving soul-centred business, fantastic family, exceptional friends and love and appreciate my body more than I thought possible.

I am so proud of this course, Becoming Extraordinary.  It's brand new.  It's contemporary.  It is the vehicle for me to share, with you, the pathway to Extraordinary You, and your Extraordinary Life.  

All you need to do is say YES, and I'll do the rest. 



We are going to spend 8 weeks together.

There will be a weekly training video, with me, online.  You can come along and watch me live OR play it back later.  It will be your choice. 

There will be a section where you can connect with each other and ask me any question you like.  I will reply to them all either in writing, by video or audio.


There will be practical work, tools and techniques that you can (and will be encouraged to) implement INSTANTLY.  We will start upgrading your thinking and your life from the very first moment of the course.  

You will receive information and resources that you will be able to use to continue Becoming Extraordinary, in any area, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  


Beliefs and Blocks:  Learn the immense power of your belief system and how it is the driver of everything you have, or do not have, in your life. Learn how to banish self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome, overturn unhelpful beliefs, decrease thought-mentation and bring forth confidence, courage and empowerment.  Learn how to harness fear and use it to propel you forward! 

Honour your Spirit: Unlock the Universal Laws and feel inspiration flow through you, like never before.  Learn the 4 Levels of Consciousness, pinpoint where you currently sit and begin to move into a higher level of awakening.  Move into your potential.  Unlock true abundance, in every area of your life.  Life will become to feel more effortless and graceful - you never knew bringing your dreams to life could be quite this easy.  

Enhance Your Health:  This is not about having rock-hard abs or aspiring to have the body of Chris Hemsworth or Elle McPherson.  This is about ensuring your physical and energetic health is at the optimum level required to becoming extraordinary.  Learn to love and appreciate your body in a way you never thought possible! Expand your energy.  

Redesign Your Relationships:  Dive into your relationship with self and others.  Master forgiveness and move beyond blame and shame.  Deepen your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), so other people's words and actions no longer hold power over you.  Level-up family dynamics.  Find the love you deserve, in all areas of your life.  

Ego Dissolvement:  Learn the primal purpose of ego and understand how will can live with our ego, without it controlling us and our actions.

Money Mindset: We all want more of this, but we all find it so difficult to acquire.  I will show the mistakes you are making when it comes to creating more of the folding stuff and teach you want to do instead.  Move into abundance and prosperity.   

Unleash Your Purpose: How are you 'earning a living right now' and how does it feel?  Aligned with your soul? Our livelihood is so important to us, are you feeling joy in your work every day? 

Community Connection: Learn why 'giving back' is one of the fundamental keys to extraordinary happiness.  This week will we focus on our community, our planet and the legacy you wish to leave in the world - for your family and society.

Just for YOU:

This is only the outline.....additional trainings and resources tailored to the group will be created as the need arises.

All at your own pace: This is self-paced program.  You work through the information in your own time.  If you play along with me, from week to week, you'll be more extraordinary by Christmas.  If life gets in the way, don't worry I've got you.  You have access to the information long after the program ends so there is no rush. 


A more extraordinary you - you will not be the same person you were before you started the course, guaranteed. 

An unbreakable framework, or 'blueprint' to launch you into your extraordinariness.  

Extraordinary confidence and courage you will know how to bring forth and utilise, even when feeling fearful. 

A redesign, or full recreation, of your life landscape - a stable foundation from which to elevate your extraordinariness.  

Extraordinary peace, no matter what is happening around you.   

Mastery over your mind - you will have a clear understanding of what your beliefs are and whether or not they are serving you.  You will understand the reasons and basis of self-doubt and how to overcome it.

Extraordinary freedom - freedom to be WHO YOU ARE - freedom of thought, decisions and choices.  Never second-guess yourself again! 

Extraordinary emotional intelligence - the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in empowering ways to communicate effectively, display empathy, overcome challenges, reduce stress and defuse conflict.   

A deeper understanding of Universal Laws and how to use them to your advantage.  

Deeper love and acceptance of your body temple.  

Healthier relationships - intimate, friendships, family, professional and yourself.  

New friends.  I am regularly complimented on my community.  They are AMAZING people.

Lifetime support from me.  Once you are with me, well, you're kinda with me.  I never stop supporting my clients.

Training videos, audios, journalling prompts (to lift the veils you live behind), answers to all your questions.  All the resources will remain accessible to you once the program is complete.



You have some or most of 'it' going on, but something is tapping away at you, craving to emerge.  You know you have more to give, share or achieve.

You can feel lonely in a room full of people.

You hide your true feelings - your fears - your worries from most of the world. 

You love learning, growing and expanding.

The thought of removing veils, seeing things as you've never seen them before excites you (and maybe scares you a little).

You are at the beginning of your personal transformation adventure - you've never done anything like this before.

You love personal transformation and feel excited to immerse yourself in more!  There is so much to learn and so little time!  

You sometimes react to situations or other people, then regret it later (I wish I'd handled that differently!) 

External events, situations and people have the power to affect you deeply.  

You make decisions and choices from a place of fear, ego, status; rather than true desire. 

Something you desire (love, abundance, prosperity, career, business, creative endeavour, the gold medal) is taking too long to appear. 

How you feel about your body, or the status of your health, prevents you from moving towards something you desire in your life.

You automatically blame others when things go awry.

You feel internal guilt and/or shame, sometimes or often.

What you feed your body is linked to your emotions or your physical state ie. energy levels. 

You would love to stablise some areas of your life and create a more steady foundation.

You'd love to feel more abundant, more prosperous.

You would love to feel more peace and calm.  

You would love to tear every area of your life down and start all over again. 

​You understand you are your greatest investment.

You love to up-level.  

​You know the thinking that got you "here" is not the thinking that will get you "there"

You know that you have so much more to give to this world and are ready for a deeper exploration of self.

Your time is fully allocated but you know that TIME FOR YOU BENEFITS YOU which ripples out to everyone around you.


You enjoy learning online, at your own pace. 

You enjoy being part of a community - you are unafraid to share your fears and desires with others. 

You do not need accountability - you are an independent, self motivated learner. 





These are things you need to know before you decide whether or not to join us, INCLUDING a welcome gift from us to you.  

This is not a time-based program.  You are not required to turn up anywhere at any allocated time.  The trainings are live and recorded by video or audio or in writing and you can watch, listen or read whenever is most convenient for you.  You cannot 'fall behind' in this program.  It is designed so you can work through it at the pace that is perfect for you.  So if you travel for work or have an active family or are home-schooling your kids or enjoy a fun and full social life, you're covered.  

This program is extremely affordable.  Whilst we NEVER cease believing in abundance, we also want to make this course as accessible to as many of you as possible. Everyone who enrols receives a BONUS LIVE coaching call with Janelle (see below) and we are also offering a payment plan



 Connect with Janelle in a private LIVE Zoom call before you begin, or within the 8 weeks of the program. 


This is our gift to you.


I'm often asked how we know if our mind is giving us a message of truth or an excuse or 'reason' to keep us in a safe or contracted space.  For me, it's all about how I feel.  Sometimes I don't feel ready for something and I tell myself ALL the 'reasons' it's not for me BUT deep down inside I feel the butterflies, the fluttery of excitement.  The message from my soul which says "it's time to expand".   

Will this program work for me? In all honesty, what you put in to any program is what you receive.  EVERY concept and resource I present is a life-changing one.  Whether or not it changes YOUR life, is up to YOU.  



"Janelle Ryan is an exceptional coach who will help you take quantum leaps in your life and business."

Alicia Dumais Temmerman: Energy & Relationship Coach, Author, Lawyer, Speaker


"She's not just a coach- she's an artist."

Hayley Carr: Life Coach and International Woman of Mystery


"Without her coaching approach I wouldn't be where I am today."

Stephanie Abouatallah: Founder, & Senior Account Executive, Google


"I now consciously and boldly seek and step into new opportunities without fear."

Tamzin McLennan: Government Professional 

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"The change she helped me achieve was extraordinary."

Matthew: Melbourne