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ELEVATE is an ongoing digital subscription program, designed to evelate every area of your life. 

Each, and every month, you will receive a personal video from Janelle introducing the month's focus, along with the perfect (and world-class) tools and resources carefully designed and selected, just for you and your life's elevation.

Work at your own pace, in your own time, in your own environment. 


LAUNCH SPECIAL: $19.99 per month (limited time only)


Your first 7 days are free.  Unsubscribe at any time. 




If you are committed to the entire program, we will spend one year together.

The first module of Elevate is available for you right now.  No waiting.  As soon as you join you will receive your first month's tools and resources. One month later, the next module will drop straight into your Sky High Coaching app. 

You can connect with me via the online platform contained within the app and  I will reply to questions in writing, by video or audio.


There is practical work, tools and techniques that you can implement INSTANTLY.  We will start upgrading your thinking and your life from the very first moment you join.  

You will receive information and resources that you will be able to use to continue elevating, in any area, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  


Primary Relationship:  This month we focus on the primary relationships in our lives - including the one with ourself. 

Family: Spend this month focused on your immediate and extended family.   

Health and Fitness:  This month is all about our health - physical, emotional and mental.  

Fun and Recreation:  This month we ramp up the fun and activity in our life.   

Social life:  Sense of belonging is an important part of our human experience.  This month we look at our social life and way to make it more joyful and connected. 

Finances: We all want more money, but we all find it so difficult to acquire. Spend this month moving into abundance and prosperity.   

Career/Business:How are you 'earning a living right now' and how does it feel?  Aligned with your soul? Our livelihood is so important to us, are you feeling joy in your work every day? 

Community Connection: Learn why 'giving back' is one of the fundamental keys to extraordinary happiness.  This week will we focus on our community, our planet and the legacy you wish to leave in the world - for your family and society.

This month we turn inwards. 

Home: Is your home your sanctuary?  This month we focus on the place we spend most of our time and look for ways to create more beauty and serentity within its walls.  


A more elevated you - you will not be the same person you were before you started the course, guaranteed. 

An unbreakable framework, or 'blueprint' to launch you into your newly elevated life.  

A redesign, or full recreation, of your life landscape - a stable foundation from which to elevate your life forever.  


New friends.  I am regularly complimented on my community.  They are AMAZING people.

Lifetime support from me.  Once you are with me, well, you're kinda with me.  I never stop supporting my clients.

Training videos, audios, journalling prompts (to lift the veils you live behind), answers to all your questions.  All the resources will remain accessible to you until you unsubscribe. 


You love learning, growing and expanding.

Investment in private or group coaching is not available to you right now - this lower price point is perfect for you.

The thought of removing veils, seeing things as you've never seen them before excites you (and maybe scares you a little).

You are at the beginning of your personal transformation adventure - you've never done anything like this before.

You love personal transformation and feel excited to immerse yourself in more!  There is so much to learn and so little time!  

You make decisions and choices from a place of fear, ego, status; rather than true desire. 

Something you desire (love, abundance, prosperity, career, business, creative endeavour, the gold medal) is taking too long to appear. 

How you feel about your body, or the status of your health, prevents you from moving towards something you desire in your life.

What you feed your body is linked to your emotions or your physical state ie. energy levels. 

You would love to stablise some areas of your life and create a more steady foundation.

You'd love to feel more abundant, more prosperous.

You would love to feel more peace and calm.  

You would love to tear every area of your life down and start all over again. 

​You understand you are your greatest investment.

You love to up-level.  

You know that you have so much more to give to this world and are ready for a deeper exploration of self.

You enjoy learning online, at your own pace. 

You enjoy being part of a community.

You do not need accountability - you are an independent, self motivated learner. 



"Janelle Ryan is an exceptional coach who will help you take quantum leaps in your life and business."

Alicia Dumais Temmerman: Energy & Relationship Coach, Author, Lawyer, Speaker


"She's not just a coach- she's an artist."

Hayley Carr: Life Coach and International Woman of Mystery


"If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate - work with Janelle Ryan. It's a great investment that you will not regret."

Robert Connolly: IT Specialist


"I now consciously and boldly seek and step into new opportunities without fear."

Tamzin McLennan: Government Professional 

Edited Image 2017-02-04 06-12-00

"The change she helped me achieve was extraordinary."

Matthew: Melbourne

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