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If You Think You Can't - You're Right

Hi everyone. Janelle Ryan here from Sky High Coaching and if this is the first time I've met you I am a Change Catalyst and I help rock stars, just like you, get out of their own way, align their actions with their goals and start to create and live a life they truly love and deserve.

So this is video 5 of my 5 part video series where I'm highlighting the top five mistakes rock stars make when they're struggling to achieve that elusive goal or struggling to create a change in their life to be, do or have something better. Now the fifth mistake you may be making is probably the largest and probably the toughest to push through and that is listening to your inner doubter. So listening to the voice that sits on automatic pilot in your head and goes around and around telling you you're not good enough, smart enough, clever enough, funny enough, pretty enough, motivated enough... insert your own annoying voice here.

Now we all have them and they’ve often been with us for such a long amount of time that we truly believe that it’s true and that voice is part of us and is telling us the truth. Often that is not the case and there is a process to start to identify where that voice has come from and how to break through it and actually kick it to the kerb.

Now I will be doing this in my webinar on Thursday the 14th of April 7:30 p.m. Melbourne time. I am going to spend almost an hour telling you all about this voice; where it's come from, why it's here how it's actually trying to help you. I know, what the? And I will also be teaching you the process to break through and kick it to the kerb. Bang!

I'm really excited about the webinar. I hope you can join me. The link is here to register:

If you don't know if you're available at that time, that's absolutely cool as I will be recording it. For you receive a copy of the recording I will need your details so please register for the webinar anyway.

I hope you've enjoyed this 5 video series. Thanks for watching. I hope it helps. I hope you found it of value and don't forget you can always download my free gift Cloudy to Clear HERE if you want some help to start creating your own change.

I look forward to seeing you in the webinar.


I really can't wait. There will also be some time at the end for Q&A so you'll be able to ask me anything you if you’ve been watching these videos and thought ‘I'd like to know more about that’ or ‘I'd like to ask something about that’, this is your opportunity.

Have a really beautiful day. Thanks for watching and I'll see you again on the 14th of April.

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