Say "Sayonara" to Stress Part 2

Do you know what (or who) your "stress triggers" are? Did you know that your body sends you some very easy-to-understand signals that you're moving into overwhelm and anxiety? In this week's video I tell you the difference between unhelpful and helpful stress, what your body is trying to tell you and the risk of ignoring these signals. The great news is I also give you 25 fun and easy tools you can use to start taking control of your work and home environment, and thus your stress. There is so much information that I had to split the videos into two halves - or we would have been here all day. So turn up the volume or grab your earplugs and enjoy Part 2 of How to Say "Sayonara" to Stress.

Hi and thanks for reading. My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Change Catalyst whose main passion is helping high achievers (like you) get out of their own way, align their goals with their actions and create the life of their dreams.

If you would like to take some steps towards your OWN positive change, I invite you to download my free gift to you, Cloudy to Clear.

Cloudy to Clear is a 5 step action plan that will give you:

A clear understanding of which areas of your life need attention right now.

Laser beam focus of where positive changes need to be made.

A map that shows you where to start.

A feeling of empowerment and control.

The chance to fall in love with your life again.


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