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How to Move From Confusion to Clarity

If you are on the top of your game in business or your career, there may have been a time (or two) when you’ve had to make a decision of grandiose proportions. It may have been a decision that had a 6 or 7 figure impact.

Sell your business? Buy a business?

Move from a secure and long term role into a new role at a start up company for a higher salary.

Leave your comfortable management position and take the top job – the pay is outstanding but what will happen to your personal time?

Before we move on, huge congratulations to you because you, my friend, are playing the big game.

Unfortunately, sometimes decisions that impact our lives in such a large way have the power to paralyse us. We get caught up in the “what ifs?” We confuse ourselves by over analysing the situation. We ask every person in our life what we should do (and none of them agree). Sleepless nights create tired minds that struggle with rational thought and clear decision making.

We find ourselves stuck in indecision.

How do we pull ourselves out of confusion and into clarity?

Well, if you are a practical person like me you will want to get your ducks in a row. These are the first four steps.

1. Know your values.

Work out your top 5 values and write them down. What are the things in your life that are most important to you, right now? If your decision is linked to business, determine the values of your business. If it’s personal, write down your personal values.

2. Create a cost versus benefit analysis.

Yes, this is the good old-fashioned pro and con list. What are the costs of staying within the status quo? What are the benefits of staying within the status quo? Consider finances, time, freedom, family, growth and development, independence, your values and anything else that is important to you.

Then flip it. What are the costs and benefits of making the change? Does the change align with your personal or business values?

3. Seek professional help.

This could be from an accountant, financial planner, coach, consultant, mentor or any other professional appropriate to your situation.

4. Talk to your stakeholders.

Business partners, life partners, husbands or wives, family members.

Now that we have the due diligence taken care of it’s time to tap into the true essence of you. The part of you some call your “gut”. Some call a “feeling”. Other call “intuition” or “spirit”.

There is a part of you that knows the answer already. You just need to

5. Get quiet and listen

You can do this via meditation, walking in nature or lying on the grass in your backyard. If you enjoy visualisation, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and imagine yourself moving in one direction – signing the contract, accepting the role, unlocking the door to your new business for the first time. Take note of how this feels. Now imagine yourself declining the new opportunity and staying in the status quo – making the phone call, refusing the offer, announcing to friends and family your decision to remain where you are. Take note of how that feels.

The answer will come.

Good luck and continue playing the big game!

Hi and thanks for reading. My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach who helps high performers expand their mind, create whatever it is they wish; and lead and inspire others.

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