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One Way to Stop Procrastinating, Right Now.

Last week I was on a Skype call with a gorgeous, creative, intelligent, amazing woman in the US - she seriously has it all going on! She told me she was procrastinating around a challenge that had been given to her by her business coach. As she described the challenge to me, I heard a task that was fairly simple to execute AND by taking action and completing the task, she would propel her business forward. All good, right? When I prompted her to tell me why she thought she was procrastinating on this task, the feelings of overwhelm came pouring out. If she completes this challenge (let's call it Task A), it will lead to Task B, and then Task C and then possibly working with some amazing clients who would expect so much and then.........what if she couldn't do it? I looked her straight in the eye and asked her if she may be jumping ahead a little? Overthinking things? Letting the part of her brain that dislikes her being out of her comfort zone take charge? Yes. I repeated the challenge back to her. I told her she had been challenged to do Task A. Nothing more. And Task A was relatively simple. You could see the tension leave her body. She agreed, it was one task. I asked her what was frightening about Task A and she said "nothing". Five minutes later, when she had truly let all the overwhelm and worry fall away she told me she felt excited about the task and was keen to get off our call and get started. This is not a new or unusual story. It happens to ALL of us. Our thoughts take control and we worry about what may happen in the future. We project and imagine (the worst) and sometimes even catastrophise. This often leads to 'paralysis by analysis' - we have overthought something so much that it's become too large and too overwhelming. So we stop. And do nothing. If you even feel this happening to you, slow down and come back to the moment.

How do we bring ourselves back into the moment? By using all our senses - what can you hear, what can you see, what can you feel (feel your fingers on the keyboard or the pen in your hand), is there something you can taste (glass of water, some chocolate), what can you smell?

And your sixth - let your intuition guide you back into the moment.

THIS moment. What is happening RIGHT NOW? What do you need to do RIGHT NOW?

Then facilitate action by taking one tiny step. Let Tasks B, C, D etc fall away. They don't exist (yet) and they may never will! Who knows what will happen after your first tiny step is completed? You may find you do not even need them.

Good luck!

My name is Janelle Ryan and MY MISSION is for everyone on the planet to find their VOICE, step into their POWER and SHINE their light out into the world. I do this by helping high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish then lead from the front.

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