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You Are Enough

I'm recently back from an amazing whirlwind trip that encompassed some downtime with Handsome Hubby in Vegas and Santa Monica AND four days of deep inner work with some of the most incredibly inspiring coaches on the planet. Let me tell you about the intensive for a moment.

The marketing tag line was "get ready to feel uncomfortable". And it delivered! It was frightening and it was uncomfortable. There were activities and exercises I DID NOT want to do. To top it off, I was surrounded by some of the most successful coaches and business people on the planet and HELL YES it was intimidating. It felt as though every person I met was doing something incredibly amazing. It felt as though everyone I met had an extraordinary mission - to end world hunger, to stop all the wars in the world, to end domestic violence. After the first day I wondered why I was there. Surely I did not belong in this group of people? But after four days of intense inner work, embracing those exercises and activities as an opportunity for growth and leaning into my edge, I realised I did belong. And they thought so too. (Side note: I realised deeper into the event that many of these 'intimidating' attendees also felt they were not enough! It's a disease!) LESSON ONE: I am enough. And so are you. Let's talk about the power of having a mission. Your mission may not be to end world hunger but it doesn't make it less worthy nor less important. Whether it's to meet your soulmate, be the best mother you can be, complete a fun run, achieve a promotion or take your business to the next level IT'S OF VALUE. But what I have learned AND SEEN in action, both here and abroad, is that you must speak it into the world AND you must take steps towards it. That's when the MAGIC happens. I have witnessed this time and time again.

Contacts, opportunities, resources and helpers 'magically' appear. Maybe you don't believe in magic. Maybe you are thinking 'C'mon, magic? What is it really?' It's YOU taking steps towards what you want and it all unfolding. However, those steps need to be clear. LESSON TWO: We need a strategy. But I'm pretty sure you knew that already! If this is something you'd like some help with, come and join us at my next workshop, Bringing Your Vision to Life on 29 April.

CLICK HERE for the details.

Everything you want is so much closer than you think.

If you have a question for me, or a challenge you'd like to work through, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a line via Facebook or email your question directly to me Until next time,


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