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Entertaining a Thought is Not Thinking

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to stop, most likely click on a link and read my article. I sincerely hope that you find it of benefit and value.

This, my friend, is me thinking right now.

What do I think when I sit down to write? Writing takes time and effort and inspiration and imagination and a laptop and (if I want to post it onto a platform where someone may read it) the Internet. Why would anyone do it at all? I can’t speak for anyone else BUT I do it because I believe my messages have the capacity to support and help others. I hope someone reads my words and I DO hope they find them helpful – maybe by confirming something they already knew OR expanding their mind to something new (or different) to be assessed and considered ie. encouraging thinking.

On the flip side, these are the thoughts that seemingly swoop into my mind when I sit down and put fingers to keyboard.

I don’t know what to write.

I just write about the same things over again – nothing is new.

Don’t worry about what to write – no one will read it anyway.

I wish I was a better writer. Funnier. More entertaining. I wish I could write like xxx and xxx and xxx. They are so much better than me.

When are you going to get back to that book you started? You are procrastinating too much. If you could write well you’d finish your book.

You’re a smart person. I’m sure you can see the difference.

Thinking is when we make a decision to read something or learn something or consider something or remember something or make a plan or develop a strategy or create something……etc.

Thoughts, on the other hand, seem to just swoop in. And I don’t know about you, but mine can be in the first person (I am) or as if someone else is speaking to me (you are). Sometimes they can be helpful (like this morning when I hit the 5km mark on my run and ‘you’re awesome’ flew in) BUT most of the time they are a reminder of my failings or my weaknesses (see above).

Because I am a human being (although these days I prefer the phrase human becoming – get it?) I am the same as most people – unhelpful thoughts fly in that are designed to stop me from taking risks in life or business or relationships; BUT the underlying message (once you sift through the top level bullsh*t or thinking we are not clever, educated, funny, intelligent, talented - insert your own here - enough) is that I am not good enough.

A common message, which most of us receive at some point or another.

If this article attracted you, from the title alone, I am going to guess that you are interested in mindset, the brain and/or personal growth. You are curious about how your brain works. You probably already know that mastery of the brain is the key to your, and my, success.

We know that how and what we think contributes to how we show up in the world – the actions we take, the things we say and way we behave – and all those things have a direct result on your life right now and the one you will create in your future. We know that how we think affects what we create – from our lives to our careers to our businesses to our relationships to our health to our bank account balance and more.

We create from the inside.

Our brains are survival machines that are always working. Its job is to keep us alive, warn us about impending danger and steer us back into safety (commonly known as ‘comfort zone’ but I personally prefer ‘familiar zone’ – sometimes the zone we revert back to isn’t comfortable, it’s just familiar). We can’t stop thinking. Our brains are constantly assessing what’s going on around us then giving us it’s bloody opinion – whether we’ve asked for it or not.

These opinions are often formed from situations we experienced earlier in our lives. Situations that we may not have known how to deal with when we were younger, but are more than capable of working through now. If we are not trained to catch our thoughts, or observe our thoughts, we allow them to stop us in our tracks. They control us.

What if you started to question your thoughts? What if you started observing your thoughts? The ones that swoop in when you are about to embark on something different, new or bigger and bolder than ever before?

This is how you begin to access your personal power.

When I observe my thoughts I notice how unhelpful or negative thoughts tend to create a negative feeling in my body; affecting my energy, my posture, my demeanor. They, in extreme circumstance, have the ability to cause pain (anxiety tummy ache anyone?).

When I realise I’m having unhelpful thoughts I KNOW they are UNTRUE and I have the power to make a new choice. A choice to move from this place of ‘suffering’ into beauty or joy. From feeling disconnected from life and my dreams back into connectedness, positivity and action taking.

Becoming, as a teacher in Bali once told me, plugged back in!

If your life, business or career is not bringing you the joy or fulfillment you seek I invite you to start observing your thoughts. Are they helpful or unhelpful? Do you delight in the inspiration they bring or do they cause you to feel heavy, lacking in confidence and drowning in doubt?

Are you actually thinking in that moment, or entertaining unhelpful thoughts?


If you would like some help breaking through your thoughts and expanding critical thinking that leads to the creation of anything you wish, I have a range of ways you can do so.

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Thanks for reading and, until next time, remember to observe your thoughts.

Janelle x

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