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Something I am completely passionate about is serving new and emerging leaders as they navigate their way through leadership in a way that is authentic, fun and transformational for them as a professional and a person.

The reason this lights up my soul and excites my brain is because I have been her! I have intimate knowledge of how it feels to be a professional stepping into the role of her dreams and thinking "EEK! Can I actually do this? Am I experienced enough? Qualified enough? Good enough?" I didn't know it at the time, but these unhelpful ailments have names - Impostor Syndrome and Fraud Complex - and, left unchecked, have the power to spiral any of us into career self-sabotage. Nondiscriminatory, Impostor Syndrome and Fraud Complex will latch onto anyone regardless of gender, nationality, age, experience or qualifications. In fact, the higher up the career ladder you climb, the more prevalent it becomes. So what did I do when I was so fearful of letting my boss, the team, MYSELF down? Frightened that I wasn't good enough? When stepping in my very first leadership role and the ones that followed? I TOOK BACK THE REIGNS and began creating the most dynamic, highly performing teams - teams that regularly smashed goals, then set higher ones for themselves. Teams that were highly regarded throughout (some very large) organisations. Teams that I constantly received compliments about - their customer service, their professionalism, their teamwork, their friendliness and inclusiveness, their enthusiasm, their innovation, their PERFORMANCE. Teams consisting of the full gamut of workforce - full and part-time employees, casuals, contractors, trainees, interns and volunteers. It wasn't all rainbows and puppies - at times there were some tough conversations around performance and team culture. More than once I had to let someone go, and learned to do so with honesty, kindness and empathy. I wouldn't change any of it for the world. ​ THESE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES BECAME SOME OF THE MOST EXHILARATING, LIFE-CHANGING, EXPANSIVE AND FULFILLING EVENTS OF MY LIFE. ​ How did I do it? 1. Realised that suffering from Impostor Syndrome/Fraud Complex was a POSITIVE thing and used it to my advantage. 2. Became very clear on who I wanted to be as a Leader. How was I going to 'show up' day after day, week after week? Who was I? What was my purpose? 3. Created a strategy for myself and my teams, whilst understanding we existed in a dynamic and changing environment (and this was long before 2020!) Flexibility and adaptability was key. 4. Enrolled with a coach and kicked my self-doubt to the shrubbery. The extra courage and confidence was a bonus. 5. Did a stock-take of all the skills, strengths and natural gifts I possessed and used them! Identified the gaps I needed to fill and found ways to do so. 6. Removed any 'energy-drainers' that were preventing the best version of ME (and thus my leadership) from showing up at work! Determined the activities, people and places that filled me with energy and scheduled time to enjoy them. 7. Uncovered the real reasons time management could be challenging, and implemented tools and techniques to remove distractions from the workplace for myself and my teams. 8. Developed my emotional intelligence. I learned how to respond to situations calmly and rationally, rather than react and then regret it later. Sheesh! 9. Sharpened my verbal and written communication skills - learned how to have authentic and courageous conversations. Being the boss is enjoyable when the news is good! I learned how to lead with empathy when the message was not as positive. 10. The more we move up the career leader, the less peers we have. No one warns us how disconnected, isolated or lonely leadership can feel. I surrounded myself with a group of people who supported me, challenged me, grew with me and cared for me. My success was THEIR mission..... ​​ ....which inspired me, for many years now, to coach leaders and emerging leaders to THEIR success. I have been blessed to have worked with leaders in the following industries: technology, tourism, education, sporting, government, financial, engineering, energy, facility management, event management, retail ....along with small business owners and entrepreneurs. ​​ And today I am so excited to unlock the doors to a brand new program I can offer to you! Coaching current, new and emerging leaders via Zoom in a group setting is not new to me. I've been doing so for years, however in the past it has been a group of leaders or emerging leaders within the same organisation. This the first time I am extending the program to my community - to YOU - and I cannot wait to start. If you are curious, intrigued, interested or inspired.....if something feels it could be right......if your cells have started to flutter....oh, and there are a bucket-load of bonuses for action-takers! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INFORMATION

We hope to see you.

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