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How are you? I'm not asking to be polite. I really want to know. How ARE you? Anxious? Scared? Optimistic? Calm? Or a mixture of all? Whatever you're feeling, that's okay. It's perfect. You are allowed to feel what you feel.

Be mindful, My Friend, that your feelings are created directly by your thoughts.  Anxious thoughts are frightening in themselves and can actually be darker than the reality of our worldwide situation. Calm, optimistic thoughts bring forth love, gratitude and compassion and create peace of mind.

And emotions drive action.   When you feel anxious and scared you move into primal, survival mode. Alert to an external danger. You find it challenging to function at your best because your central nervous system is ready to fight, freeze or escape. There's no time for rational, clear thinking! You may be driving erratically, displaying less patience with others. You're afraid to continue sharing resources. You may even find yourself stockpiling food.

When you feel optimistic and calm you show compassion when someone cuts you off in traffic, offer others your support, understand our resources (including money) must stay in circulation and lead and inspire others with positivity and empathy. You may have even dropped some toilet paper in to someone in need at 10pm one night (thank you, my wonderful friend – you know who you are).

The Universe is an expanding energy that is constantly moving (physics, not woo woo). We are part of it. When we DON'T move with it, when we choose to sit somewhere we are not supposed to be, we are KICKED along. Otherwise we are going backwards. And who wants to go backwards?

The world is not changing, it's changed. It's here. We are right in the middle of what a mentor of mine, Dr Rev Michael Beckwith calls the Dark Night of the Soul. When Michael speaks of the DNOTS he is usually referring to the uncertainty, fear, confusion and pain we feel when we are going through a personal transformation. When we have realised a belief (we may have held for decades) does not serve us and it's time to release it and step through a new door.  Everything we thought we 'knew' has been stripped away and we feel torn apart.

Here we ALL are, collectively IN THE MIDDLE of a global Dark Night of the Soul. We have been living in a way that Mother Nature/God/Higher Intelligence (take your pick or use your own word) has decided no longer serves us and transformation is required.

The beauty of the Dark Night of the Soul is that there is a bright, beaming vibration of love and light when the dawn breaks. Vision, clarity, peace, release of doubt. Breathe. Sunshine. An opportunity for change.

Anyone who has experienced their own transformational moment will tell you this is exactly how it feels. But the pain is worth the light on the other side.

Add that to the truth that humans do not like to feel 'stuck'? That we are built for expansion, growth and movement (that's when we are happiest)?

It's a recipe for potential personal disaster.

But, My Friend, you have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice.

What do you choose?

Victim Status? The perception that external events control you, your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions? That you are powerless?


Self-Responsibility? The deep understanding that there will ALWAYS be undesirable external events happening around you, but YOU are in control of your thoughts and your actions. You are an empowered being?


Self-Actualisation?  The deeper understanding that life moves through us and as us. We are the powerful creators of our Universe. We created our current situation which means we can create something else.  And be inspired to create. Again and again and again.

Which one feels best for you?

Now is not the time to stay small. It is not the time to give in nor give up. It is not the time to throw in the towel, hoard resources, stop spending (small businesses need us and their taxes go towards sustaining our medical services). It is not the time to give in to your fear and doubt. It is not the time to render yourself powerless.

IT IS THE TIME for bold leadership, for inspired thought, for compassionate action, for connection, for conversation, for creation.

The world HAS changed. How are you going to change with it?

This, My Friend, is the time for inspirational leaders (formal and informal) to STAND UP and lead by example.

Last week I delivered my first online workshop entitled Becoming Exceptional. Whilst it was originally designed and scheduled prior to our current global situation, I did adapt the message to serve YOU right now - as you navigate this new environment. Whilst I do not normally offer recordings of my online parties to those who have not pre-registered, these are not 'normal' times. If you wish to watch the recording the details of how to do so are below.

If you would like some help stepping into the grandest version of YOU, navigating this new world, learning to create and LEAD within an unprecedented environment, with me as your coach, there are some current opportunities available below.

I wish you, My Friend, and all your loved ones health, peace and prosperity.

Stay safe and well.


More energy A more successful business Fulfilling relationships Greater prosperity Amazing health

Regardless of what's happening around you.

THE SALON DOORS ARE OPEN!!!  And we begin after Easter. The doors close when it feels 'right' to me SO those who enrol early receive potentially months of bonus coaching. ONLINE, via Zoom. Let me support and serve you through the new challenges we are going to face - together. We need to grow and expand, more than every before.  CLICK HERE for all the information.

PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE MORE YOUR STYLE? The world has changed and we have challenges coming that we may not have faced before. How WE RESPOND is going to be key. If you love up-levelling in a private safe space 1:1 coaching may be for you. But be warned, there's nowhere to hide.  CLICK HERE.

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