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Have you ever felt you weren’t enough, or that you couldn’t achieve all that you’d dreamed of? Do you wonder why everyone else is ‘luckier’ than you? 


What if I told you that you have the capability, skills and talent to create anything you wish?


I invite you, through the pages of this book, to join me on an adventure of empowerment. I will share with you my experiences, successes and failures and provide you with activities and case studies designed to unlock your extraordinariness.   


Are you ready to uncover the hidden skills, strengths and gifts you didn’t know you had?


Are you inspired to remove those voices of doubt, make friends with fear, ooze confidence (even when you’re not particularly feeling it), and expand your energy?


Then open this book, come inside and I will show you how extraordinary you and your life can be.


‘Janelle grasps a myriad of complex ideas in her adventurous hands, infuses them with tales from real-life, and simplifies them to be used for your own magic so well you'd wonder if it could really be that easy. This book is one to read, and re-read!’

Hayley Carr, Life Coach and Lady of Adventure


Janelle is insightful, intuitive and sage. Her book brings her wisdom together as a beautiful offering to start to create your best life.’

Alicia Dumais Temmerman, Speaker, Author and Lawyer

Become Extraordinary The Book!

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