A Salon is a welcoming, safe, nurturing space where you come together with like-minded souls and leave completely transformed.  You exit the doors feeling like a new, more empowered, more confident person.  A person who has expanded and grown and feels inspired to create - again and again and again.  You feel whole.  

And this Salon will be unlike any I've ever facilitated before.  Guaranteed.

The world has changed.  In fact, it's still changing.  

This group of Salonies will be coming together to THRIVE in our new environment, not just survive. 

Challenges are new.  So are opportunities.  


Are you a driven, purposeful, inspirational and graceful individual; ready to grow into the person you need to become to navigate the challenges AND opportunities ahead?  

You know the laws of the Universe still exists - the laws that provide abundance, clarity and intuition?  You understand nature is still doing her thing.  That we live in an expansive space and to stand still is to actually go backwards? 

That life has changed and you are ready to change with it?

You are excited to not just survive, but THRIVE in our brave, new world?  

To pivot.  To move.  To transform.  To adapt.  To bend. To be in flow.

To learn more about yourself than ever before. 


To lead from the front. 


To inspire others. 

And I feel honoured and thrilled to be serving and supporting them through every moment. The Salon has always been a group coaching opportunity via Zoom. The online space is not new for me.  I am extremely experienced on how to create a safe, nurturing and dynamic virtual space for my clients.  As with life, this is not a trial.  


Feeling stuck and afraid.

Procrastinating - you just don't know what to do now.

Stuck in indecision.

Experiencing increased self-doubt.

Lacking just a little courage.

Not moving forward at the pace you want to - you are unsure which way to pivot. 

Afraid your bank account will cease reflecting the work you put in.

Feeling like an impostor. 

Lacking energy and focus.

Feeling undervalued.

Feeling unseen and unheard.

Comparing your achievements with those of others, and coming up short.  Why are others handling this change 'better' than you?

Wondering where the excitement of life went.

Feeling like a square peg in a round hole.

Everything just feels off.

It's all feeling too hard. 



I know this feeling.  I know the discomfort.  I know what it's like to almost want to give up....throw in the the it a day.

No, like most of us this is my first experience of a world in such turmoil. 


BUT I AM well-versed in stepping into uncertainty.  Moving into the unknown, and backing myself anyway.  Staying in flow.  Changing direction.  Being open to failure.  Trusting my unopened gifts will emerge.  And building my resilience along the way.

I'm always reaching higher.  Or doing something I have no business doing.  Or stepping into an area of which I have zero experience.


Sometimes I literally sit down and think...



Like the time I applied for a job cooking for 40 people whilst travelling around Europe by coach.  When I could hardly make toast.

Or the time I joined a netball team full of players who were at least 10X my level.

Or the time I sat a huge, frightening exam for a university place when I hadn't completed Year 11.

Or the time I was appointed part of the team to recruit 15,000 volunteers for an international event - with zero experience.

Or the time I moved into my first executive leadership role and feared EVERY DAY that my phone would ring with this message from my boss "we now realise you have no idea what you're doing so we're going to have to let you go". 

Or the time I moved home after 5 years overseas and felt completely displaced and lost.

Or the time I agreed to marry the most wonderful man, and become bonus mother to his children, when I was in my 40's and had been living alone for over a decade.  

Or the time I quit my wonderful, well paying, cushy job and started Sky High Coaching.  There are days when I think that was the craziest decision of all.


Because I surrounded myself with a group of people who supported me, challenged me, grew with me and cared for me.  My success was THEIR mission.


Sky High Coaching Salon

Group Coaching Experience


An intensive group coaching program, via the Zoom platform,  where you will, alongside other high performers,



I created THE SKY HIGH COACHING SALON to give you a place to share your challenges, your dreams, your fears and your desires.  

A place where you can be supported, nurtured and challenged, whilst staying motivated and engaged, because you're not doing it alone. 

* Group Coaching Experience for 6 months (or more)

* Coaching calls via Zoom (you can be anywhere in the world)

* Group and individual coaching by Janelle Ryan

* Weekly accountability reports

* A private Facebook group

* Networking opportunities

* JOIN BY 24 OCTOBER and receive my brand new program, BECOMING EXTRAORDINARY as my gift to you

* BONUS surprises along the way!



Christine Warren

When I first met Janelle, I was feeling a bit lost and not sure which direction to take with getting my business up and running.  "When the student is ready, the Teacher appears".  And Janelle appeared!  Janelle's Coaching Salon was just what I needed.  It gave me the focus and direction to assist me in taking positive and solid steps in reaching my goals.  Janelle is kind and compassionate, and she has master coaching skills which helped me create a deep and personal connection with my goal.  After every session I was amazed at the insights that I had and the progress that I was making.  Janelle made the coaching process not only meaningful and fulfilling, but also fun.  She is very personable, insightful, kind and wise. Her support and guidance were invaluable, and I felt as though I could trust her with anything.  At the completion of my sessions I was extremely happy with where I had arrived on my path toward my goals and could see solid results.  Thank you Janelle for everything!

Lisa Cavill

BAS Agent

I absolutely loved Janelle's salon.  In 6 months I have prioritised what is important to ME in my life with the result being I am now in control of my life and my business.  I choose the clients I want to work with, my revenue has increased dramatically, I have leased a new car and office.  I've hired a team, which is something I thought was in my far off future.  There is more fun, laughter and downtime in my life now.  I feel empowered, resilient and more confident.  Janelle has an incredible ability to help us navigate and understand  why we respond to issues the way we do.  She is my true advocate.  She always gave us practical exercises to assist in our transition.  We were never left with a realisation we needed to do something, without knowing how to go about changing it.  She is amazing!  As are the group of women I went through the program with.  I recommend this program to anyone wishing to go quantum leaps, with support of not just Janelle, but her community.  

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You'll be immersed in THE SALON with a group of other talented and successful high performers, but your program will be tailored to you. 


I can tell you from experience FROM BOTH SIDES (being a participant and being the coach) that the magic that's created within a group of like-minded individuals is something to behold.  Many of you will become friends for life.  


Throughout the duration of the Salon, you'll learn proven ways to conquer fears, quiet any lingering doubts, deepen your resilience, increase your emotional intelligence and open doors to the highest level of achievement. 


You'll build your natural confidence, so you can take purposeful action toward YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL VISION within this crazy, every-changing environment.  


You’ll be equipped with highly effective and powerful layers of support, including:


  • On-demand laser coaching to help you eliminate obstacles fast

  • A mastermind group of incredible peers, each of them successful in their endeavours, just like you AND driven to pivot into the unknown

  • Group coaching and one-on-one coaching in a group setting

  • Weekly accountability and coaching feedback

  • Networking opportunities

  • You’ll have regular Group Deep Coaching calls with me and the rest of the group. If you show up ready and alert, take notes, pay attention to the lessons and APPLY THEM you will create whatever it is you wish.


These sessions are where you'll HOLD your vision or create a new one, map out your strategy, share your successes and even (possibly more importantly) celebrate your failures.  We will learn to pivot and respond to this new world together.  All group coaching will be online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.  


  • Every week you will submit a detailed, written self-coaching report.  As we move through the program this report will focus on deepening your commitment to, and achievement of, your vision.  You will receive weekly feedback from me. 


  • You will be part of a private Facebook group where everyone will regularly share successes, challenges, questions and assignments.

Start IMMEDIATELY!  As soon as we say YES, the coaching begins.

“I no longer require external validation.”

“I created my vision.”

“I am more resilient than I ever thought possible.”

“I have released the belief that my soulmate does not exist.”

“I no longer ask permission to do anything.”

“I am now a master at saying no.”

“I am more confident than I’ve ever been.”

“I know that if someone isn’t drawn to me, that’s okay – it’s nothing to do with me.”

“I love myself more than I ever have.”


Vision:  You will, with help, craft a powerful vision that will solidify your dreams and transforms them into a crystal clear vision. You'll be a person clear on what your mission is.  You'll learn how to access this power in every area of your life.  


Strategy:  Underpinning your vision will be strategy that clearly maps out the path that leads you towards your vision.  No more procrastination.  No more uncertainty.  You will know exactly what you need to achieve when you wake up.  Day after day.  Week after week.  


Mindset:  You'll get your head totally in the game as we work on smashing through any self doubt holding you back AND creating more confidence.  Increased emotional intelligence.  Greater resilience.  Flexibility and adaptability. You will feel empowered and unencumbered by limited thinking, allowing you to move towards your vision with more freedom than you could have imagined.  Even when life throws the unseen at you.  And WOW, isn't she doing it right now! 


Skillset:  The world has changed, and will continue to.  This brings opportunities to unwrap gifts you did not know you had, bring forth strengths which are itching to emerge and deepen skills you already possess. 


Energy:  We will clearly identify any things, places or people who are draining your energy AND identify those that fill you with energy.  You will remove any energy-drainers from your life that are blocking the way to your achieving your vision. 

Relationships:  We are social beings! Whether intimate, friendships, colleagues or family, relationships are imperative to leading a happy, fulfilled life.  They are also our GREATEST tool designed to teach us more about ourselves.  Learn why you react to situations the way you do.  Learn what you react to people the way you do.  Learn to speak your truth, with love and compassion.  Learn to have courageous and authentic conversations.  Learn to deepen and develop relationships in all areas of your life. 




Look, I don't what else Mother Nature has in store for us.  I don't know what our governments are about to do.  Or what the brave, new world will look like.

But what I DO KNOW is how YOU RESPOND to these events will have a direct result on whether or not you thrive in this new environment. 

And make no mistake, there ARE people out there who are going to use this TIME they have been gifted to peel back onion layers, lift the veils they live behind and learn more about themselves than ever before. 

Will one of them be you?  If you join us in the Salon you will leave with:

A deeper understanding of the capacity and capability of YOUR MIND and your POWER.

A greater understanding 'things' happen FOR you, not TO you and know how to use this knowledge for your highest benefit.   

An EXPANDED mind - to new possibilities and ways of thinking.


Proof you can CREATE whatever you wish to create (and that may be different from 3 months ago). 


Stronger leadership and deeper emotional intelligence, enabling you to LEAD and INSPIRE others in a challenging environment.  

You will also:


  • Become calmer and more resilient.


  • Create a less stressful life.


  • Have the confidence in knowing you have the power to achieve your goals.


  • Develop a deep understanding that you are in control of the creation of your life. 


  • Come to know that failure is nothing more than feedback. 


  • Know what your top values are use them as an internal compass that will guide your choices and decisions for the rest of your life.


  • Enjoy your life more.


  • Have deeper relationships that will continue to grow and transform as you grow and transform.


  • Stop comparing yourself to others - you will understand you are the owner of your life.


  • Have courageous and authentic conversations that nurture you and your relationships.


  • Learn what success means to YOU!


So what's the outlay?  Usually this question is all about the financial investment, but coaching is  SO MUCH more than that (just ask anyone who's worked with me).  It's time and energy and the willingness to feel uncomfortable.  AND of course it's also financial.  Because when we have skin the game WE SHOW UP.  

Last time I invested in a coaching program for myself I invested $18,000.  For six months.  Needless to say, I had HUGE skin the game.  I turned up to every call. I accepted and completed every challenge.  

And it was worth every single cent.  It changed me and my life - personally and professionally.

And I'll let you in on a secret.  I've taken everything I learned in that $18K program and applied it here - for you. 

But I'm not going to charge you that.  Not even close. 

The financial investment for 6 months of personal transformation is A$4,360. 

This is a fraction of what you would need to invest for a similar program of personal coaching on a one to one basis.  AND you will be part of a group encouraging and supporting you - as you with them - throughout the process.   

DO NOT underestimate the power of shared experiences. 


This program is not for everyone and it is NOT automatic entry. 


We need to ensure those who participate in the program are willing to be challenged, are committed to achieving their vision and are willing to support others in the group.  

If you think this sounds like you and you believe you are truly ready to commit six months to dramatically 'scaling up' your life, then click on the link below.  We will contact you to arrange an conversation where we both decide if the Salon is a fit for you.


  • Pete left his sales role to start a career as a firefighter - at 37!

  • An Olympic gold medalist took a break from her athletic career to pursue her engineering degree.

  • A full time critical care nurse lost 16kgs.

  • An overworked marketing consultant morphed into a health coach.

  • A bullied and broken client rose from the ashes to start a business, which is so successful she is oversubscribed. 

  • An unhappy CEO moved interstate, changed roles, bought property and is now a loving mother of one WITH  rewarding career. 

  • An actor faced her fears of rejection and is now regularly popping up on our TV screens!

  • A now highly sought-after presenter came to me because he was terrified of public speaking. 

  • Vicki removed her self-protection barrier and is engaged to be married.

  • A leader in her field left her job and created the business she'd dreamed of for years.

  • An unhappy professional decided to say NO to the bullying in her workplace.  She spoke out.  Resigned and found a new, rewarding role.


Heidi Reiter


Since starting Janelle's Salon I have grown so much personally and my life has changed dramatically. I now have the ability to speak my mind AND be heard. I've landed a new exciting, fulfilling and rewarding role. My self doubt has decreased and I am more self assured, especially at work. But the biggest thing I've gained is a huge increase in my confidence, that I use in every area of my life. I've had a blast. I loved being part of a group. The Salon was definitely worth every cent.  Thanks so much, Janelle.


Tahntip Powtawe


Thanks so much for all of your help and support throughout the Salon and beyond.  Your coaching, insights and energy has transformed my perspective of myself and my life.  Since being in the Salon, I have learned to embrace my fears and failures in order to live a more free and authentic life.  It’s been wonderful sharing my experiences with the other women in the group and receiving their love and support.  It’s been amazing! Thank you.


Belinda Ainslie


Since completing The Salon I have grown braver, bolder and more confident.  I find myself choosing 'go' when I have an idea, no longer deferring to others.  A deeper self-awareness renders me open to others points of view, remaining quiet and still until the right words, or course of action comes to me.  I welcome opportunities to help me to reinforce or expand my perspective.  I leave The Salon with the courage to have faith in myself, and move forward aligned to my values.