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DEBUT: Leading From The Start

Jul 18, 2024 - Jul 18, 2044

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Starts July 18th 2024 WELCOME TO DEBUT: LEADING FROM THE START DEBUT is an online leadership program designed for you, if you are an ambitious professional who wishes to slay your self-doubt, stop feeling like an impostor and step into the authentic, effective leader you know you are destined to be! This program contains 20 modules, outlined below, broken into 30 minutes (or less) videos that will be dropped in daily. Create time in your calendar to keep up with Janelle, or take advantage of the lifetime access this program offers and move at your own pace. Enjoy access to Janelle via the private community, if questions arise. LEAD YOURSELF - Craft your Leadership Vision. - Uncover your skills, strengths, gifts and unique talents. Identify the gaps between where you are right now and where you want to be. - Create a plan to fill them. BREAK THROUGH BARRIERS - Break through the psychological blocks holding you back. - Release Fraud Complex and Impostor Syndrome. Slay Self-Doubt.​ - Learn how to ooze poise and confidence in any situation (even when you're not feeling it).​ - Nail your next interview. COMMUNICATION - How to initiate and step into courageous conversations. - How to say 'no' with elegance and grace (to those who lead you and those you lead). - How to create beautiful boundaries. - Written, verbal and non-verbal. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - How to respond, rather than react. - The secret fears we hold, how they are not 'secret' at all and affecting your perform - and how to remove them.​ - Learn to lead, work and collaborate with all personalities. LEADING TEAMS - Leading hybrid teams. - Creating teams who feel psychologically safe. - Conflict resolution. - Creating Codes of Conduct. - Performance feedback. HONOUR YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET - Common Leadership Traps to avoid - Leading in the new era​ - Working and leading remotely - Time and Energy Check-in - Wellbeing tools and resources



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