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ELEVATE: Spend one year elevating every area of your life.

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This program is for self-led individuals who wish to elevate each and every area of their life. In this program you will find: 1. 13 of the most important areas of your life, one to focus on each month 2. Over 100 journalling prompts designed to unlock conversations with your inner self 3. Over 30 guided meditations and visualisations, designed to support your creation, elevation and self-leadership 4. Daily, weekly and monthly challenges designed to accelerate your elevation 5. An online supportive community - includes direct access to Janelle 6. And, more! Enjoy lifetime access to all tools and resources via the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. As soon as you join, you'll have access to each module. Work through the program as it's been designed, or jump immediately to the Areas of Focus that call to you. Take the year, or move through at a faster pace. The choice is yours.




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