LEAD is a 3-week online workshop series where current, new and emerging leaders of will learn to lead themselves, and their teams more effectively within a rapidly changing environment.

Current and contemporary, this course uncovers new and cutting-edge information for leading into the next era.  


Attend the workshops live (online) or catch up via the replays. 



We will meet (almost) daily, online, for a 1-hour presentation covering everything you need to know to expand into a more effective, confident and courageous leader for the new era. 



Leadership Vision: 

You will craft a powerful vision, solidifying how you wish to be seen as a leader. You will gain clarity on who you want to be and how you wish to show up, in a professional capacity, on a daily basis.



Underpinning your vision will be strategy that clearly maps out the path that leads you towards your career goals, eliminating procrastination and uncertainty.   


You get you head totally in the game as we work on smashing through any Impostor Syndrome, Fraud Complex or self-doubt holding you back.  You will feel empowered and unencumbered by limited thinking, allowing you to move towards your professional vision with confidence and courage.  Even when your boss, colleague, employee, member (or the world!) throws the unseen at you.


The world has changed, and will continue to.  Industry and business is being forced to respond.  This brings opportunities to unwrap gifts the you did not know you had, bring forth strengths which are itching to emerge and deepen skills you already possess.  We will also identify any gaps standing between you and your professional goals and begin to fill them. 

Energy and Time Management:  

We will clearly identify any things, places or people who are draining you of energy and identify those that fill you with energy.  We will remove any energy-drainers that are blocking you from performing at your best in the workplace. You will learn to manage your own time, tasks and projects so you can lead more effectively.   You will learn the real reasons why time management may be challenging you right now and receive tools and techniques to eliminate distractions fast. 


 Emotional Intelligence:  

Emotional Intelligence has been defined as "the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict".  In other words, it's how aware we are of the impact our emotions, words, attitude and actions have on other people. You will learn the five components of emotional intelligence; understand why you react (to certain situations and people) the way you do and become versed on responding calmly and rationally instead.  



Whilst communication has historically been key to creating and leading a dynamic and responsive team, it has been crucial since 2020.  Messages change regularly, we are also working and leading remotely.  You will sharpen your verbal and written communication skills as to express your vision to the team clearly and concisely, even via a computer screen.  You will learn to facilitate authentic and courageous conversations with empathy and compassion. 


Team Cohesion:

The perception of 'team' has changed.  Learn how to identify who your key stakeholders are;  and how to unite them as one cohesive, dynamic high-performing team.  One that is as excited about your mission as your are! 


Stephanie Abouatallah, Senior Account Executive, Google & Founder, BlueHiveHealth.com

"Without her coaching approach I wouldn't be where I am today."

Her ability to get to the root of the problem and share the tools one needs to move forward is remarkable.  There is no way I would have started my company and rode to such success at my job without Janelle's practical and supportive approach to personal development.  If you are looking for a practical tips that will support your growth and learning, Janelle Ryan's got them!


Time Investment: 1 hour per day (almost) daily for 3 weeks from Wednesday 15 June, 2022.


Financial Investment: A$1,555 (limited time only).  Part payment options are available.  

If you live in Australia, you may be able to claim your professional development on your tax return (check with your accountant first).  

If your organisation offers a professional development subsidy, you may wish to read my article titled "How to Ask Your Boss to Invest in Your Coaching." 



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