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Top 5 Mistakes You May Be Making When Trying to Make A Change - Video 1

Hi everyone. It’s Janelle Ryan here from Sky High Coaching. If I haven't met you before I am a Change Catalyst and I help rockstars just like you get out of their own way, align their actions with their goals and actually start living the life they truly want and truly deserve.

I'm really excited today because today is video 1 in a 5 video series where I'm going to be talking about the top five mistakes that rockstars, like you, make when they're trying to be, do or have something more in their lives. When they are trying to create some kind of change to take their life to another level.

So the first one is that there's no clarity around what it is you really want. You’re actually not clear enough and this manifests in a couple of ways. So how you recognise it one way is when the dreams change - so one day you think ‘I'll run a marathon, I'll get really fit’ and then the next day you think ‘no actually I want a partner, I want to be in a relationship that will make my life better’ and then the next day you think ‘no it's my job I actually don't like working where I work I want to work somewhere else or I want to start my own business’ Every day the dream or the goal may change so it's actually not very clear.

The other way this shows up is when we know we want our lives to be better but we’re just not sure what that looks like - and I have people mention that to me quite often. They say ‘I don't know what my ideal life looks like; I just know this isn't it’.

So the first thing you need to do is get really clear. Get some clarity around what it is you want and there are couple ways you can do this.

The first one I recommend is a visualisation if you're really good at visualising and imagining find 10 minutes one day take yourself somewhere where it's quiet and you won't be disturbed. Relax take a couple of deep breaths close your eyes and when you're ready to, walk yourself through your perfect day. A perfect day in your perfect life. Who's there? What you doing? Where are you going? What's happening? And just wait and see what comes up for you.

The second way we can start getting clear around what it is we want is to stop comparing yourself to other people. It doesn't matter what Bob down the road drives or what Sally's doing with her business or how fit Rita is when you go to do a fun run. They are not you. They don't have the unique experience you've had; they don't have the upbringing you had. You are the only person like you on this planet so you just need to worry about what it is you want. Now I'm hearing people say “but I don't I don't know what to do next”. One way you can really work that out is to tap into your beautiful internal compass and your beautiful internal compass is called your value system. If you can nut out the top five values for you it's actually a perfect guidance system for you. I'm often am speaking with my clients around coming back when they're struggling with a decision. When they want to get clear on something coming back to that value system, pulling out their top five values and seeing what is important for them today. Seeing if that next step or next goal or next change they want to make matches those values.

Now if you want some help with this, if you would like a step by step process go to www.skyhigh and download my

absolute free gift for you called Cloudy to Clear.

It's a multi media kit that will arrive in your inbox and the very first exercise in that kit will give you instant clarity - instant clarity around which areas of your life need attention and also which ones need attention right now. Sound good? Thought so. That's it for me today look out for video number 2, it will be coming soon - I will tell you the second mistake rockstars make when they try and bring something new and different into their life.

Until then have a beautiful day. Bye.

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