Mistakes to Avoid When Bringing Your Vision to Life

I'm not one for New Year Resolutions. 

They infer that we are not 'enough' just as we are, we feel pressure to accomplish them (and often feel unworthy or hopeless if we do not), they are usually unrealistic and don't support or encourage a life-long change.

What I love, and consistently move into (all of the year round) is consciously and mindfully designing a VISION and becoming the person I need to be to create that vision - in my health, relationships, business and prosperity.  This vision may be for the next month, year, 5 years or beyond.

When I feel as if my vision isn't appearing as quickly as I would like, when it feels as though something isn't aligned or 'working' as I know it could be, I turn inwards (I am the creator of my own world, after all) to check that I am not hindering my vision in some way.

These are the top mistakes we make when creating our vision.  I am excited to share them with you, so you can use the knowledge to your advantage in creating your vision for your future.

1. You are not clear on what you want.  If you are jumping from one idea to the next regularly; if your vision is not crystal clear;  some clarity is required. 2. Fear of making a decision or becoming stuck in "what if?" There is a theory that is it impossible to make a "wrong" decision.  Make a choice and move forward.  If it turns out that Path A feels wrong, learn from the situation, change direction to move to Path B. 3. Not creating the physical space for your change to appear.  By this I mean time.  You may need to use your time differently to create something different in your life. 4. Not taking any action.  Dreams are fantastic - every invention or idea started with a dream.  If you are not taking action - whatever is in your power TODAY - to move into your vision, it will remain a dream.   5. This one is probably the hardest one to crack and that is listening to your Inner Doubter.  That voice in your head that tells you "I can't".  If you need some help with this you may wish to read my article titled "Are You Being Sabotaged By Your Own Self Limiting Beliefs?"

If you remove all distractions, take your time with these questions and dive deeply you may be amazed at what comes up for you.

Good luck and have fun!

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