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Ready for Change? It's Easier Than You Think.

Recently I have found myself in deep conversations with talented, dynamic people who are ready for change. They have hit the peak of their career, sport or business and are ready for the next challenge. Or they are making the break from 9 to 5 to follow their passion. Or they have found themselves in a situation they did not anticipate BUT are ready to learn from the experience and create a new life for themselves. The common theme among them all, is that they JUST WANT TO MOVE FORWARD. They are sick of feeling stuck. They are over the procrastination. They are tired of "bloody talking about it all time" (unquote). THEY ARE ALL READY FOR ACTION! There are a plethora of coaches, change catalysts and consultants who would love to help you. But maybe you are not financially, spiritually, emotionally or physically able to invest in one right now. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of courses, books and articles on how to create change in your life. However, if you complete the course but don't apply the learnings your life won't change very much. If you research articles and buy books but never read them, you'll stay stuck. If you want something simple and cost effective KEEP READING because outlined below is my 5 STEP CHANGE FORMULA. This could not be easier to follow and implement - and the easier something is, the more inclined we are to TAKE ACTION. Step 1. Clarify what it is you want, and WHY. Crystal clear vision provides you with a 'point on the map'. We are no longer driving around aimlessly - we know our destination. Bringing forth the desire and passion of your WHY will propel you forward and keep you in gear. Step 2. Decide on the date you want your vision to appear. This is quite easy if your vision is to attend an event on a date set by the organisers. A little more difficult if the timing is to be set by you. Ensure the date is realistic - too soon and you may set yourself up for disappointment, too far may promote procrastination. Step 3. Brainstorm every single thing you can do to move you towards your vision. List them. The smaller the better. Once you've completed this action take a break, then do it again. You will think of even more action items the second time around. Step 4. Choose the smallest action item on your list and DO IT. Step 5. Repeat all the above. Remember every day what it is you want and why. Write in a journal or create a vision board if it helps. Remind yourself of the time frame. Remove the completed action items from your list and add any new ones. Choose the smallest one and DO IT. That's it - simple! Follow these steps and watch the "magic" unfold! If you would like so help creating some change in your life I invite you to join me in Melbourne on 17 and 18 March for my SKY HIGH COACHING COMPREHENSIVE WORKSHOP. At this weekend workshop you'll create your vision for the next 12 months, develop a strategy to make it appear, learn how to smash through any self doubt that may arise AND leave with my very best tips and tricks on how to create more confidence in yourself and your life. You can also put your hand up to receive LIVE laser beam coaching (if you want it). You will meet some like-minded individuals and have fun!

Everything you want is so much closer than you think.


If you have a question for me, or a challenge you'd like to work through, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a line via Facebook or email your question directly to me

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