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The Value of Feeling Uncomfortable

Today I had an appointment with my brand new personal trainer. I’m a great believer in having a team of professionals around me who help me lean into my goals and I was excited to meet him. I entered the gym’s small consultation room, feeling happy and excited and ready to have some fun with my new ‘friend. He seated me in front of a computer screen and instructed me to complete a very long form so he could ‘get to know me better’. He wandered off to leave me to it. The form was long and it was very in-depth but I zoomed through, no problem at all. Let’s get this show on the road! But no, he wanted to go through the form with me – word by word.

About 20 minutes into our conversation, I was irritated. Another ten minutes after that, I decided I didn’t like him.

He asked me questions that challenged me. He refused to let me move on from a question I didn’t really want to answer. He probed. He forced me to get specific about what I wanted from my gym experience. What did I want to achieve? How was I going to make that happen? What would I do when obstacles appeared in my way?

Then it got worse. He wanted me to MAKE A COMMITMENT. A calendar appeared from seemingly nowhere and I was asked to enter all the days and times I would come to the gym each week. I looked at him in amazement. I told him I couldn’t do that. I told him I had bonus children who didn’t live with me full time and clients whose schedules I often worked around. I don’t have a set routine!!

He wasn’t buying any of it. So then I received a lecture about commitment to change. It included creating time for the things we want in our life.

It was confronting.

Why was he being so mean to me?

And just when I thought he was the most annoying person I’d met in a long time he took me off the hot seat and we made a plan to achieve my goals. Together. And probably the most enlightening part is that it isn't anything like I thought we’d do. He found out everything he could about me then he suggested another way. It was perfect.

By the time I left his presence I was shaking his hand, thanking him and telling me I couldn’t wait to get started. And I can’t.

As I drove home I realised I’d just looked in a mirror. He is not my friend. He is my TRAINER.

My clients don’t always like me. I annoy and irritate them. I don’t allow them to hide behind their own excuses. I don't always use 'flowery' language and often get straight to the point. But if they do the work, stay the course and stick to the plan they get results. I am not their friend. I am their COACH.

I am so happy when I’m made to feel uncomfortable. Not only because it's where the growth is, but it means I can take my clients there too.

Where can you step into ‘uncomfortableness’ today?

Hi and thanks for reading! My name is Janelle Ryan and I am an International Coach, Speaker, Author, Presenter and Amateur Video Maker who helps high performers create extraordinary lives. My clients include CEOs, executive leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, Olympians and mums!

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