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Think You Failed? Think Again!

Last month I awoke early and jumped in the car with HH to make our way to Belgrave, east of Melbourne. We were off to the start line of the The Great Train Race - Puffing Billy 14km run, which winds along roads and tracks through the Victorian Dandenongs. It's quite a challenging run, as there are some monster hills, but it's also breathtakingly beautiful in parts and it's a run I've enjoyed many times over. I was conscious I hadn't trained as diligently as I had in past years. I felt a little anxious about my fitness, but my shins and knees were feeling okay which was positive. HH (my support crew) and I made a plan to see each other at the 10km mark, the starter’s gun went off and I began the race. The first 5kms were great - I was feeling good and moving at quite a fast pace, for me. By the 7km mark (and halfway up the most challenging hill) I had slowed considerably and my left hip was making it known that it was NOT happy. By the 8km mark I was in quite a bit of pain. By the 9km mark I had been approached by the actual Puffing Billy Medical Crew (who tailed me for a while in their minivan) with an invitation to "get in the van". Get in the van? My ego could hardly take the humiliation and I trudged on. By the 10km mark I was in pain, mentally and physically, and longing to see HH so I could STOP. Wanting to stop is quite a difficult thing for me to admit. I rounded a bend and there he was, all ready to cheer me forward. I stopped in front of him and burst into unexpected tears. In less than 30 seconds we decided continuing for another 4kms could do more physical harm (to my hip) that any actual good (to my ego) so I conceded defeat and hobbled to the car. I had FAILED! OUCH! I lamented in the car that my results would record DNF (Did Not Finish). HH reframed it to SOT (Smashed Out 10kms). Those who have worked with me, or just know me, will have heard me say many times that there is no such thing as failure - only feedback. What was the feedback? Lack of preparation. Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. I have been joking with friends and family that I'd often wondered what would happen if I didn't train for a run properly - now I know! My second failure this month was administrative. I sent an email out earlier this week advising my two upcoming workshop registrations were about to close. I stated that the Melbourne registrations would close today! That is not correct. Registrations close NEXT FRIDAY 18th. What's the feedback? Slow down and focus on what I'm doing. Something I have to remind myself, when it comes to administration, nearly every single day. What's the great news about failure? Once we make the mistake, it's unlikely we will ever make that mistake again. I have a coach who encourages me to fail big and fail fast. Learn the lesson and move on. When was the last time YOU pushed yourself to your edge.....and “failed"? And, more importantly, what did you learn?

As always, if you have any questions for me I am happy to answer them in my next article or video. Just email and ask away. Until next time, FAIL BIG AND FAIL FAST!

Janelle Ryan is a Personal Coach who helps high performers create extraordinary lives. Her clients include leaders, Olympians, business owners, entrepreneurs and mums! She was announced as one of Australia's Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017. She coaches clients by invitation and referral only.


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