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Dare to be Seen: Empower Your Presence and Impact

Updated: Jul 4

If you love TV you would have noticed our screens are being flooded by reality TV shows. Every night we can tune in and watch people looking for love, creating intricate dishes in the kitchen, baking and decorating elaborate cakes, restoring homes, choosing wedding dresses, swapping husbands, losing weight, building Lego, singing, dancing or creating the ultimate tattoo. Let's face it, the list is too long to mention them all.

Whilst I have very little interest in those who are searching for five minutes of fame, I do acknowledge those who are chasing a dream that takes skill, talent and passion. Think Masterchef and The Voice.

I acknowledge them for their bravery to be visible on a scale most people wouldn’t dare. They present their creations and their gifts to a panel of judges, an audience and the public and wait to be critiqued. This must take extraordinary courage.

When was the last time you had the courage to be truly visible?

// To embrace your vulnerability in the dating world?

// To put forth your radical idea in a team meeting?

// To say no to someone, with elegance and grace?

// To open the doors to your business in a spectacular way?

// To step into your superior’s role whilst they're away?

// To apply for a professional role that feels out of your league?

// To pursue success and opportunities with confidence?

// To be true to yourself by expressing your inner thoughts and feelings?

// To actively apply for promotions and new roles, and seek leadership opportunities?

// To embrace your unique authenticity, despite being different from others?

Leading a team or organisation makes you visible.

Being the face of your business makes you visible.

Engaging in the dating world makes you visible.

Showing and speaking your truth makes you visible.

Giving speeches, presentations or lectures makes you visible.

Meeting your new love's friends and family makes you visible.

Showcasing creative works such as art, music, theatre, or film makes you visible.

Sharing opinions makes you visible.

Participating in interviews, regardless of their format, makes you visible.

For some, the fear being visible creates is too uncomfortable to step into. What if you fail, or fall, or stumble, are laughed at, or ridiculed or criticised? Or, often worst of all, what if someone doesn’t like your message, offering, idea or…. gulp…. you?

Paradoxically, staying small or silent or frozen creates discomfort too, because we are not made to sit still. It’s not our natural state.

What if you could learn to become more comfortable with the uncomfortableness of being visible? What if you could learn to step out of the shadows and show your gifts and skills and strengths? Even uncover new ones?

Great news – you can! And here are my top 5 tips on how to do so:

1. Stop worrying about what others will think. If there is one thing in the world we cannot control, it's what other people think of us. I guarantee you there are people in the world who love you, people who do not, and many more who don't know you exist. In addition, everyone is the star of their own movie - they tend to prioritise their own concerns over yours. Let it go. 2. Small steps to consistency. We tend to become truly comfortable with something when we’ve performed it so many times we no longer fear it. Take the first step into the 'visibility arena' – no matter how small it is – then repeat, repeat and repeat.

3. Show your passion. Let’s flick back to reality TV for a moment – those who do well on the ‘skill shows’ have a true passion for their craft. They are open to the criticism they receive, and adjust accordingly. They expand and grow – never losing sight of their passion. These are the contestants who, when they are eliminated, gush over the positivity of the experience and everything they’ve learned. They are excited to return home and keep working on, and in, their passion with the new skills they acquired! If you have a desire to speak up or show up, it's usually because you have something to share that you're passionate about. Use that passion.

4. Live aligned with your values. Do you know your top 5 values? Those most important to you right now? Uncover what these are and live your life aligned with them. You will then be living a life that’s authentic to you and it doesn’t matter what others think or say.

5. Design your own coping strategies. Being visible exposes us to feedback we may not have requested. Whilst there are many who are interested in your thoughts and views, love to hear you speak and are excited to follow you into your vision - others may not be. Decide what your coping strategies will be if and when an unwelcome critique appears.

Whilst they often come under a barrage of criticism and opinion, I give a big cheer to the amateur chefs, cooks, artistic performers, renovators, tattooists and bakers battling it out on TV.

I also celebrate and admire individuals, like you and me, who summon their courage and embrace visibility daily, across various aspects of their lives.

I thank them for inspiring the rest of us.

Imagine dedicating six months to cultivate greater visibility. What could you achieve? What ventures would you pursue? How might you transform? And who could you inspire with your bold presence? Imagine being able to move through your career with unwavering confidence, clearly articulate your worth (even though you won't have to - your performance will speak for itself) and say sayonara to self-doubt.

Imagine having more courage at work, more confidence, more influence. Imagine nailing any professional conversation - an honest one, an aligned one, an inspiring one.

Imagine cultivating an emotional intelligence so strong that no situation, nor person, creates a reaction in you. Imagine being able to respond to any situation (or crisis!) calmly, rationally and intelligently.    

Imagine being able to clearly articulate your Vision - upwards, downwards, sideways - so clearly, passionately and persuasively that everyone's excited to help you create it.    

Can you feel it? Does it feel like personal power? Does it feel like freedom?

Does it feel like something you'd value spending one month stepping into?

Imagine - A more empowered you by the end of August THIS YEAR!  

I invite you to join me for my 2024 online leadership program, DEBUT: LEADING FROM THE START and take the reins of your career... on a really fun and magical horse. Maybe even a unicorn.   

It's going to be fun, contemporary (you can join Janelle for the presentations LIVE) and of extreme value. 

I invite all current, new and emerging leaders (if leadership is your next step this is your secret advantage) to click through and read all the information. If it calls out to you, we look forward to seeing you.  

Until I see you again,


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