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How Can Support Staff Benefit From Coaching?

For many years now, organisations have seen the value of providing coaching for their senior and executive staff. And in some cases, those leaders have come to expect the ongoing development; I know one (savvy) executive leader who has coaching written into every new contract when she changes roles.

But what about the organisation’s support staff? Those who contribute to the success of the team, the business and ultimately the leaders. How can support staff benefit from coaching?

A fundamental of coaching is unveiling the client’s skills, strengths and natural super powers. Understanding an employee’s core competencies, and how they use them to perform their role, is just the first step. The next step is to identify the employee’s secondary skills and strengths. These are the additional skills to be developed or acquired to perform their role to the very best of their ability. This alone will nurture and build performance.

But we don’t stop there.

Coaching increases confidence. Support staff are often being directed by leaders and managers and have very little say in their roles and duties. This may sometimes result in them not feeling 100% confident in the task they are being asked to perform. A coach will work with employees to build confidence and self belief, making any task thrown at them a breeze or a positive challenge!

Usually a main component of a support staff member’s role is communication across all levels of the organisation; and with external key stakeholders such as members, customer or clients. Coaching will assist support staff with skills around assertive communication, rather than aggressive or passive-aggressive communication. A coach can teach the skill of asking for what someone wants and needs, whilst respecting and honouring the other person’s point of view. This skill contributes to open and collaborative professional relationships.

And let’s not forget the ideas and thoughts that would be of such value to the organisation IF ONLY that person with the wonderful idea had the courage to speak up in the meeting! Coaching builds courage.

Support staff are usually exceptionally busy, often working on multiple projects for various managers and adhering to strict deadlines. A coach works with employees on their time management skills, often bringing in tools and strategies to make their day more efficient and enjoyable. A coach may also, if required, work with their client on decreasing stress and overwhelm.

The benefits of coaching are certainly not exclusive to executive leaders and managers.

Anyone in the workplace, who embarks on the coaching adventure wholeheartedly, will:

  • Perform to their highest potential

  • Enjoy their role more, resulting in increased engagement and higher productivity

  • Think more strategically

  • Feel more confident when facing challenges

  • Reach their role’s goals and objectives

Is it time you approached your boss about some coaching today?

Hi and thanks for reading! My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach who helps high performers create extraordinary lives, careers and businesses.

If you would you like to learn more about how coaching can assist you or your team email me at to arrange a confidential conversation.

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