• Janelle Ryan

9 Questions to Launch You into the New Year

Is it really this time AGAIN?

How did the past 12 months unfold for you?

I have had the most amazing year meeting new extraordinary people, working interstate and overseas, supporting leaders and emerging leaders via my Women Leading events, kicking off my second group coaching salon, hosting my first weekend Intensive and bringing on a team member. My clients and I have laughed and cried, raged and hugged, gotten messy then put ourselves back together again. And it's been pure joy.

But that doesn't mean it didn't have it's challenges - a knee and hip injury in May that stopped me jogging for 7 months, bureaucrats who don't seem to have the same burning desire as we do to see our house renovated (really, what's that about?) and the break up with a friend of over 30 years (that was a killer). You may feel like this also? Maybe 2018 was full of the normal highlights and challenges of life - some highs and some lows. Or maybe 2018 was YOUR BEST YEAR EVER and you are punching the air with pure joy! Or maybe you feel as though 2018 was filled with disappointment and loss and you are ready for it be over. (I feel you. I experienced my worst ever year at the beginning of this decade.) Or maybe you embarked on something new or bigger, bolder and brighter than ever before and you are still IN the depths of it.....just waiting for it to materialise. Hang in there! Wherever I am in the Game Of Life, I enjoy spending some time at the end of the year reflecting on the year that was. I have done this, personally, for many years and I loved doing it with my teams when in my corporate roles. The actual format has evolved over time, but the concept remains the same. What worked for me this year, what didn't, and how will I move into being 'more me' next year. If you'd like to play along, grab your journal or open a Word doc, find a relaxing and quiet space, turn off your phone and answer the following questions: 1. What were my 1 - 3 biggest achievements this past year? 2. What personal skills, traits, gifts and super powers did I use to bring these achievements to life? 3. When I take a moment to really reflect on these achievements, how do I feel? 4. Who were the people who supported me and lifted me up during this year? 5. What were the activities and events that supported me and lifted me up during this year? 6. What didn't work for me this year and what did I learn from it? 7. What was missing in my life this year and how did I keep it out? 8. What is the one NON NEGOTIABLE thing I wish to bring into my life next year? The one thing that, if I created it, would change my life in many areas? 9. What's the very first step I can take? If you remove all distractions, take your time with these questions and delve deeply you may be amazed at what comes up for you. I have also spent time this month running Facebook Lives on the following topics: 1. How to stick to your health and fitness plan in December. 2. How to nurture your emotional wellbeing in December. 3. How to keep your piggy bank happy in December. 4. Looking after your relationship or being single in December. If you missed these and you'd like to watch, CLICK HERE.

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