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9 Questions to Ease You Gently into 2021

2020 - the year that unfolded like no other before it.

Australia and the West Coast of the US experienced one of their most destructive fire seasons, a prince and his wife quit royal duties, millions from over the globe came together to protest against racial injustice, Beirut lost 190 of its citizens in an accidental detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, Joe Biden became President-Elect and Kamala Harris became the first black women and the first Asian woman on a major party's presidential ticket.

And let's not forget that, for some annoying for others devastating, global pandemic.

This year has challenged us as individuals and as a global community. Working together as a united force was necessary, with some embracing this more than others.

The impact of the events of 2020 is different for all of us, and the spectrum is wide. Some clients have admitted 'I didn't mean to cause a global pandemic, but this has worked out quite well for me', whilst others lost their livelihood and/or family members. My saddest day was watching a family member's funeral online - my heart broke for her children and grandchildren who were unable to travel to attend.

If 2020 was a year of loss for you, I am sorry for your experience and hope you are receiving the support you require.

With loss and grief comes community, love, support and connection - we saw this in spades, across the world, in 2020. Sharing of resources, neighbours meeting neighbours, strangers becoming friends. We found more compassion and empathy within ourselves and discovered resilience we didn't know we had. For many, 2020 instigated creativity, innovation and a new perspective.

We are weeks away from a new year which, for many of us, feels like a clean slate or a new beginning. I wonder, what did you learn about yourself in 2020? What did you learn about your life? Before we open the door to a new year, or a new normal, which changes do you wish to keep? What worked for you this year, what didn't, and how will you move into being 'more you' next year? If this is something you'd like to explore I invite you to find a relaxing and quiet space, turn off your phone and feel into the following questions:

1. What were my 1 - 3 biggest achievements this past year? 2. What personal skills, traits, gifts and super powers did I use to bring these achievements to life? 3. When I take a moment to really reflect on these achievements, how do I feel? 4. What were my 1 - 3 biggest challenges this past year? 5. What personal skills, traits, gifts and super powers emerged to help me work through these challenges? 6. When I take a moment to really reflect on these challenges and how I responded to them, how do I feel?

7. Who were the people who supported me and lifted me up during this year? 8. What were the activities and events that supported me and lifted me up during this year?

9. What positive and helpful habit, experience or activity from 2020 will I take into 2021 with me? If you remove all distractions, take your time with these questions and delve deeply you may be amazed at what comes up for you. If you would like to use 2021 to learn more about yourself and create a more extraordinary life in the process, with me as your coach, I currently have some opportunities to do so.

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