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'I'm Sorry, But I Didn't Find the Coaching Enjoyable.'

This is the feedback I received from one of my most successful clients. And it made me smile and smile and smile.

You see, this particular client had put so much heart, soul and COURAGE into our coaching that every conversation we immersed ourselves in was a deeply moving experience for her.

She followed up the above quote with: 'I enjoyed YOU, Janelle, but it was not a comfortable process.' She then went on to describe how differently she is now showing up in her life and place of work; how she continues moving into her own powerful personal and professional transformation; and how proud she is of the result of our work together - a seriously impressive career promotion.

Her words reminded me of a meeting I went to in 2018. A woman had approached me about a new business she was starting up. She thought that she and I could do some great work together because, and I quote: 'We do the same thing you and I. We make people feel good.'

Ummm. It all became and bit awkward when I had to tell her that actually, no. That is not my job at all.

Nowhere in my job description does it say I’m here to make my clients feel good. They already have those people in their life - partners, friends and family.

My role is to help clients create a powerful vision for themselves and their lives, put a strategy in place to make it appear, harness their skills and strengths and break through the psychological barriers holding them back. I challenge the way they see the world by not buying into the stories they tell themselves. I remind them how powerful they are - mindfully and energetically.

If doing the above results in them feeling more confident, bolder, courageous, purposeful and accomplished - which then brings more fulfillment in their work, relationships, health and bank account...and that leads to them feeling good – yippee! But 'feeling good' is the result of deep inner work accompanied by new choices, new decisions and new actions.

And usually quite a few uncomfortable, even frightening, moments.

You cannot transform yourself or your life without feeling uncomfortable. And vulnerable, and unsure. But these things are not unsafe. I remind my clients they are safe, which gives them the courage to step outside of what they (think they) know and open the door to the other side. As they do they often realise (and this is the most exciting part) there is not only one other side. There are multiple opportunities and possibilities to choose from.

My clients do not want (or even ask) me to make them feel good. They want me to show them how to see the world outside the frame they live in, even if breaking through that frame causes a scratch or two.

But, when the results are the creation of their dreams (or, beyond), they know the scratch was worth it.

If you are ready to reap the benefits that come from feeling uncomfortable, with me as your coach, I have two opportunities available right now.

The Leadership Lounge is now open and has one seat available. Deep leadership coaching in a small group for 6 months. Emerge from the Lounge a more confident, courage and inspirational leader. CLICK HERE for all the details.

My live 2022 Intensive is now open for registrations. Spend two days with me, and others just like you, in the beautiful Daylesford region of Victoria. March 2022. CLICK HERE for all the details.

Thanks for reading and, until next time, don't be afraid to step into a little uncomfortableness.

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