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What if Everything You Wanted Was Already Here?

When I was a young child I had an imaginary friend. Her name was Jane, she had blonde hair styled into two pigtails (tied with pink ribbons) and a white dress adorned with a pink sash. My mum swore, up until she passed away, that Jane was no ‘imaginary’ friend.

In an early primary school religious class we were taught about death, heaven and hell. The teacher explained that you went to hell if you were naughty or told lies. I told the teacher hell was fine with me because all my friends would be there (not in a defiant way, just a straightforward-we-are-not-perfect kind of way). I also told the teacher I wanted to die because I wanted to know where everyone goes and THEN come back and tell everyone about it. She explained that when you die, you die and there is no coming back. I didn’t believe her. A note was sent home to my mum.

Later in primary school our teacher gave us the opportunity to create our very own assignments on anything we wished! As a creative and academic student, I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to get home and pull out my coloured markers and reams of paper. I created a book called The Supernatural. Each page of the book explained a different type of supernatural or mythical being – from ghosts to witches to Bigfoot to angels to the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone else in class did their assignments on their pet or family or previous holiday. Go figure.

By teenage years I was into tarots and creating my own séances (have some stories that would make your hair curl). I become very interested in the possibility of multiple dimensions. As soon as she found out about the séances, my mum put an end to them quickly! Her exact words being “you are messing with forces you do not understand”.

She was right.

During my years of backpacking in my 20’s I sought out places of wonder, curiosity and unexplained events; or historical or religious significance. Places such as Jordan, Egypt, the Dead Sea, Ararat, India, Nepal and Loch Ness (stared at that lake for bloody hours, willing Nessie to pop up). From the top of the world, to the bottom, I’ve asked people of diverse cultures what do they believe but also what do they know.

In my thirties I returned home, joined the corporate world and the pursuit of knowledge of the unknown dissipated, but never disappeared.

When I lost my mum in 2011 I took myself off to Bali for 3 weeks of solitude and spiritual healing. I had some of the most incredible experiences of my life. Experiences that I don’t talk about all that much. Partly because they were my personal experiences, and partly because when I do share some people look at me oddly.

But the flame was reignited and I’ve spent the past 8 years diving back into who we are, why we are here and how the world works.

On both a spiritual and scientific level.

Everything is made of energy, including us.

What if we were always in flow, never out of flow? What if we could use the basic principles of quantum physics and step into a new ‘dimension’ of our life? How would we do that? Is pushing and striving until we burn out the only way? Is there another way that feels more elegant and graceful and joyful? If so, how do we tap into that?

Humans emit energy – that is scientifically proven. What if we used that energy more efficiently? And how do our thoughts affect our energy? What happens to the energy we emit into the world? How does it affect our families and colleagues and community? If at all?

What is time? Can we create more of it for ourselves?

What if we teamed this with mastery of our minds? Conscious and subconscious? How can we use this knowledge to create whatever it is we desire?

I have to tell you, I’ve had so much fun reading, asking, conversing, experimenting, listening, analysing and learning! I’ve done all the ‘work’ – so you don’t have to.

If you would love to know more about natural laws, spiritual laws, physics and universal energy. If would would love to know more about how your mind works.

If you would delight in

  • falling in love with this precious life of yours;

  • living and working in actual alignment with who you are every single day;

  • opening the internal gifts that are unique to you;

  • smashing through the self-doubt that holds you back;

  • increasing your own energy levels;

  • making friends with perceived failure so you can create the life, career or business you CRAVE;

  • replacing the grind with grace;

  • having more time and more energy.....

then consider this a heart-felt invitation to join me for 6 weeks in my brand new online course, Taking the Leap.

6 weeks. At your own pace. From your own home.

We start next week.

You can read all about it by clicking here.

If it calls to you, we’d love to see you. If not, that’s cool too. The choice is always yours.

Keep expanding, creating and inspiring!

With love,


Janelle Ryan is a Global Personal Coach who helps high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish and lead and inspire others.

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