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The Judgement You Feel is Real

"I can't do this."

"I'm not good enough."

"I don't have enough experience." "I am unfulfilled, but unsure of my next step (so I'm just going to stay here)."

When situations are more challenging. When circumstances are foreign. When people are behaving unpredictably. When you feel drained of energy. When your mind is confused. When something unexpected happens. YOU KNOW you've stepped into a larger arena.

Your first leadership role.

Your first executive position.

Your first client.

Your first business.

Your first marathon.

Your first tough conversation. Your first....insert your own here....

Things are new, different or bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before. Everyone tells you you're doing well. Everyone tells you to be kind to yourself, to have patience whilst your development of new skills and strengths evolve and new gifts unfold. But do you do that? No. You expect, no DEMAND, your confidence arise in brand new situations. You tell yourself you SHOULD have this! You SHOULD know this.This SHOULD be happening faster! You SHOULD be feeling calm and in control, rather than a little bit worried and a little bit sweaty and shaky (and by the way, how did those butterflies make it into my stomach?) Because..... "People" are watching you.

"People" are counting on you.

"People" are judging you.

The kicker is that It is IMPOSSIBLE to feel 100% confident when you are embarking on something you've never done before. It just can't be done. So what can you do instead?

Experiencing butterflies? I invite you to consider the feelings as excitement and transformation, rather than anxiety or fear.

Someone watching you? Show them how you step into new situations with courage.

Someone counting on you? They believe in you. Flaws and all. They trust you to do your best (and we can't do more than that).

Someone judging you? No one more than yourself. Let it go. Then, moving forward, remind yourself....... It is safe to Stop. It is safe to take a Breath. It is safe to Take a Moment. It is safe to Listen. It is safe to Immerse yourself in nature. It is safe to Swim in the ocean. It safe to have a Massage or Facial. It is safe to go for a walk. It is safe to take a Nap. It is safe to sit down with a cuppa and have a conversation that's all about YOU.


Because by doing so you are an even more;

Amazing human.

Valued employee.

Loving partner.

Treasured friend.

Nurturing mum.

Successful entrepreneur.

Caring sibling.

Inspirational leader.

You are more innovative, more creative, more inspiring, more relaxed, more calm, more focused, more open, more connected. And less likely to entertain unhelpful thoughts.


Keep expanding, creating and inspiring!

Janelle x

Janelle Ryan is a Global Personal Coach who helps high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish and lead and inspire others. If you'd like to know how Janelle can help you expand your mind (to new ideas, thoughts, opportunities and possibilities); create whatever it is you wish (in your life, biz or career) AND lead and inspire others click here.

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