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How to Create Time and Space for Your Change to Appear.

Hi everyone. Janelle Ryan here from Sky High Coaching and if I hadn't met you before I am a Change Catalyst. I help rockstars, just like you, get out of their own way align their goals with their actions and actually start to create and live the life they love and deserve.

So this is video 3 of my 5 part video series on the top five mistakes rockstars like you may be making when you’re chasing that elusive goal that doesn't want to seem to appear and manifest and we can't grasp it. Or we just want to be, do or have something better in our lives but it's not appearing for us some reason.

We talked about gaining clarity around what it is you really really want in the first video then we talked about this fear of making the wrong decision and today I want to talk about the third mistake you may be making and that is not creating the physical space for you to make this change. So by that I mean time, by physical space I often mean time, so I have clients sit in front of me all the time telling me that they want to make a change in one or two areas of their life and that's fantastic because every change they want to make is a positive change - awesome - but once we start working together and we get into things they want to make this fantastic change - but they're not prepared to create any time or space for it to happen.

So they're not prepared to, you know, when we talk about change I say OK so you want to work on your health and fitness - well when are you going to go for a 30 minute walk? I can't do it Wednesday night or Thursday night and I can't do it Monday night. Or they want to go for a new job - when are you going to apply for the job? Well I can't do it this day or this day or this day. Or they want to create more money or they want to look at their budget or start investing but they won't find time to spend 2 or 3 hours with a financial planner.

How are you going to create change in your life if you're not going to change your internal world? so you need to open up some space for this change to happen.

Now how do we do that? Well so glad you asked. So the first thing I'd recommend you do is you start to keep a time diary and you start to write down everything you do on a daily basis and how many days you do that for is up to you. Analyse the tasks, look back over them. What are you doing each and every day that is taking up so much of your time? Start to figure out if they are things you want to do or are they things you need to do? Once you've determined that then look at the benefit behind them. So I do have a video I made last year about why we don't do anything we don't want to do even if we don’t feel that way um - what is the benefit behind every single thing you're doing? There will be a benefit so you need to work out what is. With some things the benefit may not be worth the time it takes to do the task. So then you need to decide if you can insource the task - and that means can someone else in the home of the workplace do it - can you outsource it - can you contract it out or do you just discard it completely and just get rid of it.

So that's my tips for you on how to start to create some physical space to give you time for you to start creating your change. If we don't do anything differently, nothing different is going to happen.

So that's it for me today. Thanks for watching and look out for video number 4. Before you go I wanted to remind you about the webinar I have coming up on the Thursday 14th of April at 7:30 p.m. Melbourne time where I am going to really delve into these voices we have inside our heads that stop us from making a change – that stop us from moving forward - that tell us we’re not good enough to reach or achieve that goal.!webinar/c4wu

The link is here to register. Register even if you are unsure if you can make it so I can send the recording out to you.

That's it for me today. Have a really lovely day and watch out for my next video. Bye.

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