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How to be a Visionary in Your Own Life

Image by Karen Arnold

When someone tells me they don’t know what they want to do next with their life I usually sit back in my chair, smile widely, and say………yes, you do.

Your being here, on earth, is no accident. A LOT had to happen for you to be born.

Ask anyone who’s been through the IVF process. I haven’t, but many of my friends (who have) tell me that once you learn the intricacies of conception it’s a wonder any of us are here at all!

So many stars have to align.

I have always believed, long before I was a coach, that we are all here for a reason.

Are you a little fuzzy right now on what yours is?

You are not alone.

Remember when you were a child and the possibilities were endless? We wanted to be astronauts and superheros and our mum or dad and a lion tamer and a sports star…………..we really didn’t give ourselves any limits. We knew, instinctively, we didn’t have to.

But sometimes, during our adventure into adulthood, we forget that we still have imagination. We still have dreams. We still have desires that burn inside of us. And those dreams are STILL POSSIBLE.

They may not come in their original packaging. They may not look exactly as you thought they would. They may be in a different format. But, if they are right for you, they will FEEL just as exhilarating.

If you have an idea, dream, desire or vision that keeps coming up PAY ATTENTION. It’s telling you something.

If it’s come FROM you, it’s FOR you.

This activity has been helpful for some of my clients creating their next chapter, so I wanted to share it here, for you too.

Here are my 5 steps to setting your VERY NEXT vision:

1. Grab something to write on and with – coloured pens are great for this. Got kids? Feel free to raid their pencil cases.

2. Write your first heading – VISION.

3. Now sit back in your chair and imagine fast forwarding to one year from today.

Imagine you run into an old friend. Someone you enjoy seeing and conversing with because she really cares about you and your life. She is interested in you. She listens AND she hears you. She applauds you.

As you express your delight and surprise in your unexpected meeting, you realise it’s been 12 months since you last saw each other. Life has certainly been busy.

After a few beats she asks the inevitable question “What are you up to these days?”

You decide not to wave the question away with a stock standard answer. You give her a real, authentic and detailed reply. Why? Because your year has been incredible and you want to share it with this person who is one of your biggest cheerleaders.

“Well” you tell her. “My life couldn’t be better. I am........................”

4. Grab your next coloured pen and fill in the gap. What are you describing to your friend?

What is this amazing life like?

Who are you with?

How do you feel in your body and your mind?

How are you creating income?

Where is your business or career at?

What are you doing socially?

How are things with your family?

Are you in love?

Don’t stop there, these are only suggestions. Tell her every single thing that you’ve created in your life in the past year.

Let yourself dream. See the vision. Feel the emotion.

5. Hopefully this has taken you a little bit of time and you now have a list of dreams and desires on your piece of paper.

This is your VISION! Sit back, absorb it, enjoy it and now PLAN FOR IT.

Be your own visionary!

Hi and thanks for reading. My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach who helps high performers EXPAND their minds, CREATE whatever it is they wish and LEAD and inspire others.

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