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How to Turn Your Vision into Reality

Earlier this year I spoke about creating a powerful VISION for 2018, as opposed to setting some tired, worn out New Year resolutions.

Hopefully you took action and now have your VISION in place.

The next step is to PLAN for it. What is your strategy? How will you take steps towards your goal and bust through obstacles and barriers along the way?

The first step is to get very clear on WHY you want this new thing in your life. WHY do you want better health, a new career, a 6 figure business, a healthy relationship, more resilience, less stress, more energy or (insert your own desire here)?

What will it mean for you?

How will it enhance your life or make your life better?

How will it feel once you’ve achieved it?

How determined are you to achieve it?

Once you are very clear on your WHY, you can move into the HOW.

Take your dream and convert it into a goal.

(Now for some of you, a SMART goal won’t be anything new but how often do you actually do this? Knowing something and TAKING ACTION are two very different things.)

Today, let's take some ACTION!

1. Make your goal SO specific there is no mistaking what it is you wish to achieve.

2. Determine how you will measure your progress – what small successes will indicate you are moving towards your ultimate goal?

3. Consider if the goal is achievable with the skills and strengths and resources you currently posses. Will you need more training, support or professional assistance?

4. Is the goal relevant to you, your life and your values? Go back to your “why” and check back in.

5. Set a date when you want to achieve it by – but remember to ensure the time frame is realistic.

Good luck!

Hi and thanks for reading. My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach who helps high performers create extraordinary lives via webinars, workshops, group coaching and private one-to-one coaching.

If you are a high performer and would like some help bringing YOUR vision to life, I have something exciting starting in April that may be just what you are looking for.

  • IF you have a strong track record of going after what you want and getting it.

  • IF you are at your happiest and feel most alive when you are performing at your best.

  • IF you enjoy reaching higher.

  • IF you enjoy interaction and camaraderie and sharing the journey with others more than 'flying solo'.

  • IF you do not accept the status quo.


ONE GOAL may be the program for you.

ONE GOAL is an intensive, six-month, online program where you will, alongside other high performers, choose ONE seemingly "impossible" goal and BRING IT TO LIFE!

I created ONE GOAL to give you a place to share your next BIG THING and make it happen.

A place where you can be supported, nurtured and challenged, whilst staying motivated and engaged, because you're not doing it alone.

But wait, there's more (not steak knives). For a very limited time I am throwing in my THIRSTY SOUL BALI RETREAT for those who join ONE GOAL.


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