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Life is not a Date on a Calendar

It’s clicked over into a new year and we are, yet again, bombarded with messages about how we can all be BETTER versions of ourselves from January onwards!

It’s a NEW YEAR! We are told now is the time to be fitter, stronger, leaner, smarter, richer, sexier, healthier, more attractive, more ambitious, kinder, more generous. Now is the time to find our soul mate, declutter our home, detox our bodies, get a better job, enroll for higher education……I could literally go on all day.

I understand the concept. I, as much as anyone, appreciate and even enjoy the cleansing feeling a new year can bring. Especially if the previous year was challenging for you (I’ve been there before, so I feel you).

A new year invites a fresh start. A clean slate. The anticipation of new, exciting opportunities.

But what if EVERY SINGLE DAY offered new possibilities? What if EVERY SINGLE DAY was a day to make new choices, take chances, solve problems, grow and evolve?

What if you are already whole, valuable, worthy and deserving without having to change yourself or make yourself ‘better’ in some way?

You are not the same person you were yesterday, or last week or last month. Life constantly brings new experiences, regardless of the date. You don’t need a calendar to tell you if it’s time to start afresh or anew or change something in your life.

Life is continuous learning. I experienced this myself since we last spoke.

If you follow me, you know that I took some time off from my business (and social media and technology) during the end of December and beginning of January. I intended to enjoy family over Christmas then sleep, read, write, binge watch some TV, swim, do nothing. I had this vision of starting 2019 as this really chilled, rejuvenated, energised Super Person.

But life scoffed, as it often does, at my plans for it had its own – plans that gifted me some unexpected transformational moments.

Moments born from an unexpected passing of life; the chaos and power of Mother Nature; letting go and having faith; finding another way to do something (after 4 years of struggle); the magic of journaling and delving more into how quantum physics can change our world from a cellular level.

NONE of this had anything to do with a date on a calendar OR the inference that I am somehow incomplete or unworthy exactly as I am. OR, that this was my planned down time! It happened, regardless.

Transformation comes from looking within, looking outward, experiencing life with fresh eyes, rolling with the punches and believing in magic. On a daily basis.

If you desire to be fitter, stronger, leaner, smarter, richer, healthier more attractive, more ambitious, kinder, more generous, find your soul mate, declutter your home or do a detox GO AND DO SO. By making tiny choices throughout your day.

But do it because you want to. Do it from a place of self-value, worthiness, excitement, joy and spirit. Do it because you deserve it, it aligns with your values and it will enhance you and your life in some way. Not because of a date on a calendar.

Today, regardless of the date, is a brand new day. And you are perfect, exactly as you are.

Embrace the day and embrace you.

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