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Are You Being Distracted or Redirected? The Problem with Plans.

I invite you to take a moment, this moment, and reflect over your life. Go on, no-one will notice.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What and when were my successes and how did I celebrate them? How did I catapult from that place into something even more fulfilling?

How and when did I go belly up in my career, business or relationship? What did I learn from that experience? Can I now see how this happened for me, and not to me?

Whether we are experiencing successes or 'failures', we are always in flow. We are always tapped in. We are always at one with the highest of infinite intelligence. We are always connected to the quantum - The Source.

But sometimes we forget how powerful we actually are. Especially when we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We forget we are here to experience fun, connection, growth, evolution and creation. We don’t seek to understand the field of play in this expansive arena.

We brush away flashes of inspiration with the sweep of our hand, never questioning what they're trying to tell us. We move too quickly from one place to the next to notice synchronicities, magic moments and symbolic messages designed to guide us. We pay more attention to the endless mentation's of worry in our minds than the divine signs placed in our path. We believe inner voices warning us of lack and failure; thus ignoring the part of us that is craving to SOAR.

When we were younger, we learned that SAFETY and success came from following the step-by-step plan to our goals, staying true to the path and never asking if this is the only way. And, when this has brought you some success in your life, when it's worked, why would you not? Of course you refuse to be distracted from your 'plan'.

“Don’t distract me with that opportunity – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t distract me with those amazing people (who can help me achieve said goal) – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t distract me with the tempting adventure – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t open me up to a whole new experience – it’s not in the plan!”

Yes, it may have brought you success in the past, but at some point (have you noticed) the success ends, or continues incrementally. If this is the only way you know, then it may feel as though you're suddenly stuck. And you're unsure why. This can be even more puzzling if your peers are continuing to take expediential leaps, seemingly away from you!

What if I said, you may be so caught up in your step-by-step incremental plan that you're missing the shortcuts? The quantum leaps?

In my early twenties an organisation I worked for proposed to financially support me through a university degree. The plan was six years of part-time study, while working full-time for them. Upon graduation I would be offered a promotion and continue upon the very 'solid' and 'stable' career path they were offering. Great opportunity? Absolutely! I accepted.

Two years later I received a call from a girlfriend “I’m going overseas next year. Wanna come?” YES PLEASE, but uh oh, this would be a distraction from The Plan – a tweak was required. I decided on six months overseas, one semester deferment from university and six months’ unpaid leave from my job. The revised plan was set. Some words from one of the executive directors of the organisation still rings in my ears today “I’ve just authorised your six months’ unpaid leave. Six months? Who are you kidding? You’re not coming back.” I assured him I was returning. It was in The Plan.

But…about one month before I was due to return to Australia I was offered a job, for pretty much no money, carting busloads of twenty-somethings+ around multiple countries in the northern hemisphere. Not only was this far removed from my career plan, five years away from an office could have sent me spiraling backwards. Staying overseas, to work on buses in Europe, was Not In The Plan. And could have been seen as a distraction and ultimately dismissed.

But for me, it was a Redirection. It was supposed to be. It Felt Right, so I accepted the job. Not because I was flaky. Because it was something I wanted for my life. I had developed an insatiable appetite for meeting new people and experiencing new countries and cultures and I wanted that to continue. I wanted to explore. I wanted to have adventures. I gave up my Australian job, my flat, my salary and my university course and embraced my new role.

Fast forward to today and I do have a university degree - not the degree I started, one I switched to when I returned from overseas - as a direct result of my travels. That qualification then catapulted me into a role I loved, then another. Those experiences inspired me to start Sky High Coaching, which is my ultimate passion. The years overseas, the adventures, contributed to the woman I am today - the woman who ran successful projects, led teams who smashed Key Performance Indicators out of the ballpark, started her own business and now coaches extraordinary humans who are doing so much good in the world.

Not only is the end result the same (qualification + professional fulfillment), but the growth and expansion that came from that experience cannot be replicated. I don’t even know who I would be today if I hadn’t accepted that redirection. Whilst it can be frightening giving yourself over to the quantum (because it’s all about intuition, gut feels and long term thinking – not step-by-step plans) I still try to live my life this way.

  • Meeting a man's children and mum on our first date.

  • Quitting my fulltime job to start Sky High.

  • Borrowing a huge chunk of money to work with a world class coach.

  • Borrowing more money to attend his 3-day coaching intensive in the USA.

  • Scrapping a 4–year Plan to renovate our house, for no other reason than it no longer 'felt like fun'.

Whilst these things Felt Right, they didn’t (in the moment) really Make Sense. And they were so frightening my whole body shook. But I focused on the higher version and vision I had for myself and my life and everything aligned.

  • I married the man and his kids (oh, and have the best MIL).

  • My business has expanded and grown each year since it's creation and brings me so much joy.

  • The coaching skyrocketed myself and my business to new levels - which saw me honour both loans in half the time agreed upon.

  • Three days after scrapping the renovation I awoke at 3am with a brand new design idea that saved us mountains of time and buckets of money.

From a young age I knew I wanted to travel, explore, meet extraordinary people, experience a great love, have a family, work for myself and take risks – even when the steps I chose to take were frightening #quantumquiver. I also had no idea how it would happen.

Where would I be today if I’d stuck to my Plans? I can't tell you, because I have no idea.

I also can’t tell you if that opportunity/person/idea currently in front of you is a distraction or redirection. Only you know that. Get quiet, listen and tap into the feels! Ask yourself - is this a short-cut leading me to where I want to be? The higher vision of myself and my life? Then maybe it’s time for a YES to redirection!

If you would like to find the shortcut to your next evolution, with me as your coach, current opportunities to do so are outlined below.

Until next time, stay safe, healthy and happy.

My name is Janelle Ryan and MY MISSION is for everyone on the planet to find their VOICE, step into their POWER and SHINE their light out into the world. I do this by helping high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish then lead from the front.

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