• Janelle Ryan

Are You Being Distracted or Redirected? The Problem with Plans.

Take a moment, this moment, and reflect over your life. Go on, no-one will notice. Where were the successes and how did you celebrate them? How did you catapult from that place into something even more fulfilling? Where did you go belly up in your career or your business or your relationship and what did you learn from that experience? You are never not in flow. You are never not tapped in. You are never not one with the highest of infinite intelligence. You are never disconnected from the quantum. The source. But sometimes we forget. We forget we are here to experience fun, connection, growth, expansion and creation. We don’t understand the field of play. We brush away flashes of inspiration with the sweep of our hand, never questioning what it’s trying to tell us. We ignore the part of us that is craving to SOAR. We follow the step-by-step incremental plan to our goals, staying true to the path and never asking if this is the only way. We refuse to be distracted from our plan. “Don’t distract me with that opportunity – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t distract me with those amazing people (who can help me achieve said goal) – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t distract me with the tempting travel opportunity – it’s not in the plan!

Don’t open me up to a whole new experience – it’s not in the plan!” Are you so caught up in your step-by-step incremental plan that you are missing the shortcuts? The quantum leap? In my early twenties I was offered an opportunity to be put through a university course 100% financed by the organisation I worked for. 6 years of part time uni whilst I worked full time for them. Solid career plan with a promotion at the end. Fabulous opportunity right? Of course I took it. Two years into my course I received a call from a girlfriend “I’m going overseas next year. Wanna come?” HELL YES, but uh oh, it was a distraction from THE PLAN – a tweak was required. I decided on 6 months overseas, one semester deferment from uni and 6 months unpaid leave from my job. My flatmate rented my room out for 6 months. The plan was set. I will never forget something one of the executive directors of our organization said to me before I left “I’ve just authorized your 6 months’ unpaid leave. 6 months? Who are you kidding? You’re not coming back.” I assured him I was returning. It was IN THE PLAN. But then…….about one month before I was due to return to Australia I was offered a job, for pretty much no money, carting busloads of twenty-somethings+ around many countries in the northern hemisphere. No traditional career plan. In fact, 5 years away from an office could have sent me spiraling backwards. That was NOT IN THE PLAN. And could have been seen as a distraction and ultimately dismissed. But for me, it WAS a redirection. It was supposed to be. It FELT RIGHT so I did it.

Not because I was flakey. Because this was something I wanted for my life. I wanted to explore. I wanted to have adventures. I wanted to learn another language (never happened, BTW!).

I have an insatiable appetite for meeting new people and experiencing new countries and cultures. So I took the job (and loved it) for almost 5 years. I gave up my Australian job, my flat, my salary and my uni course. And I never looked back. Fast forward to today and I have a university degree, I had a wonderful career I loved, I have a business, I have a house and a husband and incredible people in my life. And those 5 years overseas sculpted and morphed me into the woman I am today. Not only is the end result the same, but the growth and expansion that came from that experience cannot be replicated. I don’t even know who I would be today if I hadn’t accepted that redirection. Whilst it can be frightening giving yourself over to the quantum (because it’s all about intuition, gut feels and long term thinking – not step-by-step plans) I still try to live my life this way.

  • Meeting my (now) hubby’s kids and mum on our first date.

  • Quitting my full time job to start Sky High. Then getting a part time job 18 months later to supplement my income.

  • Promising Handsome Hubby I would repay the thousands of dollars I borrowed from our savings account to work with a coach – and doing so in half the time (as a direct result of the coaching).

  • Borrowing more money from our savings to fund a 3 day coaching intensive I was gifted in the USA.

  • Scrapping a 4–year PLAN to renovate our house (because it no longer felt good) then waking up 3 days later with brand new inspiration that saved us mountains of time and buckets of money.

Whilst these things FELT RIGHT, they didn’t (in the moment) really MAKE SENSE. And they were so frightening my whole body shook. But I focused on the higher version and vision I had for myself and my life and ALL these things aligned.

From a young age I knew I wanted to travel, explore, meet extraordinary people, experience a great love, have kids, work for myself and take risks – even when they scared the bejesus out of me. And even when I had no idea how it would happen.

Where would I be today if I’d stuck to my PLANS? I have no idea. I can’t tell you if that opportunity currently in front of you is a distraction or redirection. Only you know that. Get quiet, listen and tap into the feels! Ask yourself - will taking this opportunity short-cut me to where I want to be? The higher vision of myself and my life? Then maybe it’s time for a HELL YES!

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