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Feeling a Little Like a Fraud? Me too!

Upon entering the room, the familiar feeling of warmth and sanctuary permeated my entire being.  I sank into the comfortable cream couch,  one I has sat in many times before,  and accepted the cup of tea that was offered to me.  I was back in my coach's office - a space open for my insights, breakthroughs, tears, laughter, creation and growth.   "It is so lovely to see you again," my coach began.  "What are we working on this time around?"  I told her my current tole, a contract for a project, was coming to an end and for my next role I wanted to level-up.  I felt ready to step into my first leadership role and I knew she was the person to help me.  We got to work and within months, not years, I'd been appointed into the role of my dreams.   I was ecstatic!  Together, my coach and I had: // created a crystal clear vision of the role I wanted; // identified my primary skills and strengths and brought them forth // addressed my secondary skills and strengths, and made plans for their development // highlighted my natural gifts; // considered my personal values and how they would assist me in the way I led a team; // clarified the type of leader I wanted to be, how I would lead and inspire others; then worked on my confidence and communication skills so I could clearly articulate this in an interview.   Nailed it!  Done!  Tick!  We rock!  I thanked her (yet again) and skipped off into my career-happy-ever-after. BUT within three months, I was back in her office, sinking into the comfy couch, accepting the cup of tea.  Gulp! "I don't think I can do this job." I told her. "I feel like a fraud."  So our work continued and this time, I really DID get my career-happy-ever-after.  I was in a role I LOVED (and felt confident to perform), leading a team I LOVED, doing work I LOVED - work that made a difference to thousands of people's lives.  There was even some icing on the cake - one year later my employer decided I was being underpaid and threw me a healthy raise!   Fast forward to today.  Over the past few years I have been coaching emerging and new leaders and absolutely loved it!  These clients were my inspiration to create my NEW program,  Level-Up Your Leadership.  Not only because I've enjoyed coaching in this area so much, but because my clients have achieved REAL RESULTS - dream roles, promotions, bonuses and acknowledgement from superiors - even whilst navigating through a global pandemic.  They have also created healthier, happier, more effective working relationships with their teams.  To be honest, they are kicking goals!   Level-Up Your Leadership is for emerging (leadership is your next step, as was mine); new (holy crap, I feel like a fraud!); and current leaders (the world has changed, I may need to change with it).   If you want to nail your next interview, it's for you. If you want to feel more confident in your abilities,  it's for you. If you want to lead with more authenticity and courage, it's for you. If you've been in leadership for a while, but ready to expand, it's for you. If you understand YOU are your greatest investment, it's for you.  Over 6 months we will cover Leadership Vision (into the new era), Strategy, Mindset (impostor syndrome and fraud complex), Skillset, Energy, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and the "Leadership Loneliness" no-one warns you about!  But make no mistake, this is NOT a course.  No PowerPoint slides.  No webinars you can have half an eye on, whilst you answer your emails.  No cookie-cutter curriculum.   This is powerful LIVE coaching, every fortnight, in a group setting, for 6 months.  There will be space and time for you to bring your current challenge and I will coach you through it.   If this sounds intriguing or exciting, or your spidey-senses are tingling I invite you to click on the link below and read all about it - Level Up Your Leadership which is open RIGHT NOW.  No waiting!  Bonus calls have already begun.  As soon as we say YES, we start.    CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INFORMATION Until I see you again, stay healthy and safe. 

MY MISSION is for everyone on the planet to find their VOICE, step into their POWER and SHINE their light out into the world.  I do this by helping high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish then lead from the front. 

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