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How to Stay Motivated, Productive and Focused Whilst Working From Home (in challenging times).

Something I'm being asked a lot this week is how to stay motivated, productive and focused whilst working from home (in challenging times).

When are are motivated, productive and focused we are in 'traction'.  We are immersed in the things we WANT to be doing - those things that move us towards our personal and professional aspirations and desires.  

When we give in to dis-traction, we are pulled away and out of traction.  

This week I created a short video where I address why it feels as though there are more distractions around us right now; the two main forms distractions come in; and how we can minimise them WITHOUT giving up Netflix or movies or trawling your social media accounts.  Oh, or checking on your kids too! 

Sound good?  Grab a cuppa and click on the video below.  

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