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Some Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me

In the past month or so, in a world filled with fear and negativity, I've focused on being positive. But what if I wasn't? If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you about the runner I growled at on the running track yesterday for not keeping his distance from me, and others. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you that I went into my lounge room in the middle of the night recently for no other reason than to cry. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you that it's been a struggle, at times, to have a house full of people 24/7 (when I'm used to being home alone). If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you about my frustration of having corporate clients block out time in my calendar for organisation-wide webinars, then not confirm. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you how annoyed I am that my gym closed it's doors overnight and has not offered any support to us online. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you that I too miss my family and my friends and am sad that I cannot visit them. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you that I also lack motivation at times and some days it's been tempting to just stay in bed. If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you how much I miss hugs! If I wasn't being positive right now, I'd tell you that my heart is in danger of breaking for those who've lost their livelihoods, or worse, loved ones. But, even when these negative thoughts creep in, I am focused on being positive. And how can I NOT with such abundance around me? Abundance of love. Abundance of resources (do you know water still comes out of the tap when you turn it on?) Abundance of nature (autumn in Melbourne is magical). Abundance of air (which is apparently now cleaner). Abundance of funny memes, online. Abundance of work with incredibly brilliant, brave and beautiful souls. Abundance of support from a gazillion online resources, many free of charge. Abundance of kindness in the community. Abundance of learning and growth opportunities - courses and coaches I can utilise during this time of, well, time. Abundance of the heroes - the healthcare workers, the teachers, the retailers on the front line, the warehouse pickers and packers, the truck drivers, the farmers. The members of the community who get up every day, walk to their makeshift at-home office space and get to work (when they are feeling flat, unsure and unmotivated too). So if you, feel like growling at someone for being seemingly selfish OR want to have a good cry OR struggle with your new work/life situation OR worry about your business OR feel annoyed OR miss people you love OR anxious your leadership skills aren't up to managing in a crisis OR missing hugs OR feel like you could literally fall into an abyss of sadness for those around you.......that's OK. I feel you. We are allowed to grieve for the life we knew. We are allowed to cry to release emotion. We are allowed to be frustrated over the lack of control of the plans we made. We are allowed to doubt ourselves. We are human beings. Yes, we are resilient, courageous, expansive, buoyant, strong, tough human beings. But, we are also on a path of learning and growth. We are stepping into an unknown. It's okay to request help. Remember who you truly are. Remember you are supported, in so many ways. Remember this too shall pass. Remember there are people and resources ready to help you, if you ask. Things may not make sense right now, but I truly believe that one day they will. But for now, come back to a micro level - you and your life - and ask yourself this question: How this is happening FOR me and not TO me? There are some options below to support you during this time. Some are for connection. Some are for expansion of mind. And others are for true GROWTH during this time - emotional growth, business growth, relational growth, career growth, leadership growth, transformational growth- with me as your coach. Will you join us?

RISE. the free email sequence to help you navigate your current circumstances is still open for registration.  One short email per day for 14 days to serve you during this time.   CLICK HERE TO JOIN 

FEEL LIKE A CHAT? This invitation is for all members of the Sky High Coaching Community. Join us for some conversation and connection. Bring your wine, your cuppa and/or your dinner.CLICK HERE to register. 

THE SALON DOORS ARE OPEN!!!  And we begin after Easter. The doors close when it feels 'right' to me SO those who enrol early receive potentially months of bonus coaching. ONLINE, via Zoom. Let me support and serve you through the new challenges we are going to face - together. We need to grow and expand, more than every before.  CLICK HERE for all the information.

PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE MORE YOUR STYLE? The world has changed and we have challenges coming that we may not have faced before. How WE RESPOND is going to be key. If you love up-levelling in a private safe space 1:1 coaching may be for you. But be warned, there's nowhere to hide.  CLICK HERE.

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