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How to Identify & Flip Your Excuses to Keep Moving Forward

It’s school holidays in Australia at the moment and for many parents that means working hard to entertain children at an age that requires “entertaining”, or tripping over teenagers who are lazing about the house attached to electronic devices.

Handsome Hubby and I have his children the second half of the holidays, and the week usually sees me doing a bit of dance between emails, seeing clients, organising groceries and meals, hanging out with the kids AND (now they are older) trying to keep track of their social schedules - all whilst HH is at work. These school holidays had an extra twist with my 12 year old nephew coming to stay for a few days.

To add to the juggling act, handsome hubby was required to travel interstate for work. This threw a couple extra balls into the air for me but it's all working out fine.

Or is it?

This morning I set out to write a blog outlining why I haven’t been doing any movement this week and all the great reasons I had for not doing so! It was going to be wonderful piece, focusing on why it's sometimes okay change your priorities as life throws new situations our way.

But when putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) it became glaringly obvious I was hiding behind excuses, not providing solid reasons why I had decided ditch my exercise routine this week.

How did this realisation unfold?

Last night at dinner I commented to my family that I had not done any exercise in five days.

Wellness is a large part of my life and includes eating as cleanly as possible, getting enough sleep and moving my body. I am a member of a fitness club and enjoy their group classes that have us moving to the beat! I also like to run (let’s be honest – plod) and walk and ride my bike. I move my body about 5 times a week and it is absolutely part of my routine. So why am I avoiding it? My bonus children are aged 15 and 16; my nephew is 12 and they are more than able to look after themselves for an hour. In fact if they are on their phones or playing computer games (or still asleep) they may not even realise I’ve gone.

Something I am often listening for when I’m with a client is excuses.

My role is help others achieve a life they desire, so of course I’m listening for words or actions (or lack thereof) that may be holding them back from their goals. Is there a true and honest reason why they didn’t complete an action they set for themselves or are they making an excuse?

This morning I decided to practice what I preach. These are the thoughts I’m having about not doing any movement this week:

  • It's winter in Melbourne, and it's been COLD. Excuse! There is a nice, warm fitness club up the road.

  • It’s school holidays and I should be cultivating my relationship with my bonus children and nephew. Excuse! They do not mind at all if I go for a walk and wouldn’t I be setting a good example? If I suggest a bike ride they may even join me.

  • The business needs my attention right now. Excuse! Sky High Coaching will not fall over if I leave the laptop for one hour!

  • With HH away, I should really be home more. Excuse! See point above.

Now to “flip” these excuses:

  • I am so grateful my warm fitness club is close by so Melbourne’s weather doesn’t affect my workout time.

  • My bonus children and nephew love a bike ride and if the rain holds off today it will not only get us all out the house but will be a fun thing to do together. If they decide to stay home I am still setting a good example for them.

  • My body and mind will appreciate a walk after being hunched and concentrating over a laptop for hours. And I may actually be more productive upon my return.

  • The kids do not need constant adult supervision and time to myself means I will be more present when I'm with them.

So I guess this blog flipped itself and taught me two things - the power of "journaling" and none of us are immune to the tricky messages our minds throw our way.

Hi and thanks for reading! My name is Janelle Ryan and I am a Personal Coach who helps high performers create extraordinary lives.

If you would you like to push through the unhelpful thoughts, excuses and even "reasons" that stop you moving forward towards a dream or desire, I invite you to join me for my next Melbourne workshop

'BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE" on Saturday 21 July.

CLICK HERE for the details.

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