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Are You Minding Your Language?

Do any of these words or phrases feel familiar to you?

“It’s so hard.”

“I constantly fight against the fear.”

“This crisis.”

“I know it's going to be a confrontational conversation.”

“Pushing up against the barrier.”

“There will be ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days.”

“Hard work.”

“I’m not confident enough to...”

They are just words, right? Or are they?

What if by labelling prose and expressions as 'just words', you are underestimating the power of language? What if, whatever you think and say, to yourself and others, is a direct order to every cell in your central nervous system?

Something is ‘going to be hard’? You mind will make it so.

‘Fighting against fear? Your body braces for battle. You use your energy for protection, rather than courage.

Experiencing a ‘crisis’? This may create a feeling of disempowerment. What if it was merely an event you'll be able to navigate through (and won't last forever)?

Assuming a conversation will be confrontational? Don your armour and be ready for battle, rather than collaboration.

‘Pushing’ up against a ‘barrier’, will drain your energy and render you unable to find the doorway.

There’ll be ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days? If you say so.

Working ‘hard’? Why not use your natural gifts and playfulness, mastered strengths and support from the Universe to quantum leap instead?

If you tell yourself you’re not confident enough to do something, you will hold yourself back from your own expansion.

What if from today you choose to become, kindly and gently, more aware of your language? What if you embraced the Power of the Word and used it to decrease stress and worry and increase optimism and calm?

What if you focused on expansion and growth?

Reconsider ‘hard’ things as acceptable challenges or problems you’re excited to solve.

Become curious about the fear.

Practice calming techniques, and bring forth your resilience, so you’re ready for any situation.

Learn how to have an authentic/assertive conversation.

Switch your focus to how to get over, around or under the obstacle.

Maybe there will be good days and just, well, days?

Unwrap your natural gifts and bring forth your skills and strengths at work. Play. This is what those uber-successful people do – you know, the ones who always appear to be having fun?

Remind yourself that action creates momentum and confidence.

Changing your language leads to a more relaxed, calm, empowered, creative and successful YOU. It costs nothing, and delivers huge transformational value.

Have fun!

If you are ready to learn more about the power of your beliefs, thoughts and language and how they impact your life and career, with me as your coach, there are some opportunities to work together below.

My name is Janelle Ryan and help high performers expand their minds to new ways of thinking, so they can create the 'impossible', then lead and inspire others.

When you are ready to take the next step to expansion, creation and leadership there are a couple of ways we can work together. 1. Access free masterclasses and mini courses by downloading the Sky High Coaching app from the Google Play, Apple Store or by CLICKING HERE.

2. Check out our range of online courses, by clicking on the Programs tab at the top of our website.

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