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How to Move From Sobbing to Success

I'd love to introduce you to Lily (may or may not be her real name), the woman who cried for the entire two hours of our first coaching call. Through her sobs, she told me she was working in a role she loved, but a recent refusal to accept the offer of a drink from her boss had transpired into her being bullied into almost submission. It was a small business and support was limited – she didn’t know where to turn.

After seeking legal advice she understood her rights, but the emotional toll of her situation was proving too high and she was determined to move forward. Being stuck in a legal battle was of no interest to her. A single woman with an impending mortgage due to a recent property purchase, she was understandably afraid of losing her income. Her confidence was taking a beating. Doubt in herself and her abilities was in danger of escalating.

As she told her story, sobbing into her teacup, I could see glimpses of her strength and resilience shining through. This woman was no victim. I invited her into my very first group coaching program, The Salon. She accepted and we got to work.

Part of our plan to create her next chapter of life and career was to clarify her vision. She described a life of financial abundance, financial freedom, friendship, love, travel and independence. She no longer wanted to be at the mercy of others professionally – she wanted to start her own business and turn it into a success.

We identified her skills, strengths and gifts and brought them forth. She told me everything that was bringing her joy in her life, despite what was happening around her. We focused on cultivating her confidence and keeping the voices of doubt at bay.

Within weeks she had found the perfect part-time contract, as described in her vision, and left her current role while ensuring she received every cent she was entitled to. She had registered her business name and gathered clients without a website or any social media platforms.

Fast forward only a few years later, and she has an office, a team of people working for her, a beautiful abode and the part-time contract is a memory. Her flourishing business remains website and social media free, expanding and growing by referral only. If you are feeling stuck and unsure what to do next, be like Lily. Carve out some time for yourself, sit down and clarify your vision. Look back over your life and identify the unique talents you were both with; and the skills and strengths you've acquired along the way. Delete or dissolve any beliefs you hold that bring forth self-doubt. Write down your very first step and take it. Or, if you'd like some support and assistance, if you'd like this to happen faster, be like Lily and join the Salon. She is only one example of Salonies kicking goals and living their dreams. There are many more. Your Dream + My Coaching + Salonie Support = Success The Salon is now open. Join by 19 March to receive a Special Bonus valued at $990. Click through for all the details OR hit reply to this email and let me know you're interested. Everything you've ever dreamed is one click away CLICK HERE to find out more.

It all begins with one conversation.

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