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Are You Too Busy to Enjoy Your Life?

It’s mid week and the alarm goes off. You are still tired so you hit snooze and fall back onto the pillows. 20 minutes later you leap out of bed, dismayed that you are now 20 minutes behind in your day – and your day hasn’t even started yet!

As soon as we arise in the morning the external pressures of our lives starts to bombard us and that one hit of the snooze button has the ability to mess up our entire day. Does any of this sound familiar?

"Argh! I shouldn't have hit snooze - no time for my walk now!"

“What will I wear to work today – oh no, that shirt isn’t ironed. Where’s the iron??”

“Why didn’t the kids tell me it was “fresh fruit” day at school today? Do we even have any fruit?”

Run for the train.

“Oops, forgot to eat breakfast.”

“I wonder what kind of mood my boss will be in today?”

Or if YOU are the boss – “I need to call that client. I hope all the team show up today.”

And on and on it goes.

Single, married, stay at home parent or carer, children or no children, employee or employer – it doesn’t matter what your situation is.

Most of us in the western world live a hectic lifestyle, running from one thing to another.

Most of my clients tell me they don’t have time to live a “balanced lifestyle” and sometimes that’s okay. Life can be a bit of a dance and sometimes that project at work needs our focus or our son’s soccer grand final is the priority.

We aren’t superheros and we can’t be everywhere at once.

Something I constantly hear from clients, friends and family is they'd love more time! And not a bucket load of time - around 2 more hours a day seems to be the popular request. They tell me they struggle to find the time to do everything they would like.

When we get to work and break down each area of their lives, it’s very common the first area pushed to the bottom of the list is their own self care and desires. We often ignore our own health and fitness, hobbies, recreational activities, entrepreneurial pursuits, spending time with friends and quality time with partners over the pressures of career and/or family demands.

Remember all that stuff you used to do - just for you?

Whilst it’s commendable to be a valuable employee and a responsible, loving parent; we need to ensure that we are also looking after ourselves.

  • Feeling fit and healthy gives us more energy to do everything we’d like to do, helps us sleep better, decreases stress and has long health term benefits.

  • Socialisation, or hanging out with friends, gives us the opportunity to laugh, support others, share stories and feel connected to our community.

  • Hobbies and recreational pursuits helps us tap into our spirit and often brings forth joy, contentment and a feeling of peace.

  • Quality time with our partners allows us to nurture our relationship, giving it depth and strength.

  • Focusing on new creative projects and entrepreneurial pursuits promotes personal growth, satisfaction and purpose.

  • Being still and giving our mind time to rest brings forth vision, creativity, clarity and ideas.

The happier you are in yourself, the more loving and caring and committed you can be to others.

I learn a lot from my very inspiring clients and today I’d like to share some actions some have put in place to practice self love, regardless of their other commitments.

  • A young mum and her husband have allocated one night per week to open a bottle of wine and talk after their small children have been put to bed. This time is blocked out in their calendar, phones and tv are turned off and they allocate this time to themselves only – no discussion about the children’s activities or schedules is allowed.

  • A mum takes her teenage daughter to soccer training and walks laps around the oval her daughter is training on, twice a week.

  • Many clients are cutting down on the booze – having multiple “alcohol free” days per week.

  • A client who has recently been made redundant after many years with a large organisation is focusing on getting out of bed at 6am every morning and hitting the gym to stay feeling motivated and positive.

  • An executive has started taking herself away from her desk and outside for a walk three lunchtimes per week.

  • A family with young children has organised lunch with friends on the first Saturday of every month. They catch up whilst all the children play together.

  • Many clients are blending commuting and exercise by walking, biking or running to and/or from work.

  • Strict “diets” and deprivation are no longer tempting to those wishing to be healthy or lose a few kilos. Mindful eating and focusing on whole and fresh foods is becoming more widely practised.

  • One client has partnered socialisation with her hobby by taking photos at events, editing them and sending them on to her friends and family.

  • A single man in a new city has joined community groups and a boxing class to meet new like-minded people.

  • A global director, who is expected to be “online” 24 hours day, is practising self care by blocking out 2 hours in her calendar every Thursday night to attend her singing class.

  • A CEO with a demanding career and young family arises at 5am to go for his run. When he returns at 6am, his wife goes for her run.

  • Some clients are starting to listen to their bodies for “sleep signals” and going to bed at that moment – rather than pushing through for another hour or so.

These are just some examples of how clients are appreciating the importance of their own needs and desires and making change in their life to honour them.

Happiness comes from within and only you can take the steps necessary to do what brings you joy and a feeling of wellbeing.

I hope you have some self care strategies in your own life. If not, feel free to take some inspiration from those who are already doing it. Go on, stop the excuses and make the change.

My name is Janelle Ryan and MY MISSION is for everyone on the planet to find their VOICE, step into their POWER and SHINE their light out into the world. I do this by helping high performers expand their minds, create whatever it is they wish then lead from the front.

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